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National Dermatologist Survey Reveals Five Most Frequently Recommended Sunscreen Brands

MINNEAPOLIS April 4, 2007 -- Neutrogena, Coppertone, Anthelios, Blue Lizard and SolBar are the brands of sunscreen most recommended by the nation's leading dermatologists to their patients and friends.

For the last 5 years, sun protective clothing manufacturer Coolibar has conducted a survey among the nation's leading dermatologists to determine their recommendations for the best sunscreen. This year's survey, completed by 1,020 dermatologists, reveals significant changes from the recommendations of previous years.

"The biggest change in the top five is the addition of Anthelios, a L'Oreal brand that includes the UVA absorber Mexoryl," said John Barrow, founder and president of Coolibar. "Mexoryl has been in demand among U.S. dermatologists for several years due to widespread use in Europe, however it only received FDA approval last year."

"Blue Lizard, an Australian-tested product with UVA/B blocking zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, has also shown momentum," Barrow continued. "And Neutrogena has strengthened its leadership position this year, expanding its variety of formulations and using its Helioplex technology to make sunscreen ingredients more effective."

According to Coolibar's survey, the top ten dermatologist recommended sunscreen brands, listed in order of preference, are:

The survey was conducted at the 2007 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting.

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