Community Outreach - Coolibar Cares

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy an active healthy life in the sun.

That's why we donate to local melanoma prevention fundraisers, distribute educational material to physicians, and send employees to volunteer in the community.

We support the causes that align with our beliefs.

Coolibar Cares about Education: SunAWARE

We know education is a vital step in helping prevent and detect skin cancers. With regards to the need for accurate and accessible information, we promote the teachings of SunAWARE, an educational non-profit that emphasizes the regular use of UPF 50 protective clothing, sunscreen, hats, UV sunglasses and shade for skin cancer prevention and healthy living.

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Coolibar Cares through Donations

Coolibar aids non-profit organizations and causes that advocate the need and benefits of sun protection for healthy outdoor living. Our contributions help these organizations accomplish their missions and provide essential resources.

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Coolibar Cares about Patient Care

Coolibar partners with medical professionals such as dermatologists, dermatology nurses, optometrists and medical spas, just to name a few, to facilitate sun protection resources. We provide patient discounts, educational materials and professional discounts.

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Coolibar Cares through Athlete Sponsorship

Coolibar supports outdoor athletes and shares their valuable insights and pursuits with the greater community. To do this, we look to our greatest ambassadors, Coolibar customers, to show the world how easy it is to pursue outdoor endeavors protected from UV. Visit to read about Coolibar Sponsored Athletes and how to apply for sponsorship.

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