Coolibar Media Archive 2008

New York Times ? July 2008
Rash guards are not just for surfers anymore. Dr. Susan Weinkle, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, said swim shirts also protect against UV rays. ?The advances in sun protective clothing have the potential to make a huge difference in skin cancer prevention." Shannon Ropeleski, 15, a lifeguard and novice surfer tested four shirts and chose Coolibar as one of her top picks -- ?Coolibar Long Sleeve Rash Guard?the shirt kept me warm and didn't ride up. This is the one I'd surf in."

Sports Illustrated Golf Plus ? May 6, 2008
Whatever happened to a proper golf hat on the golf course? Golf requires you to be outdoors for four or five hours at a time, and the presence of sunshine is almost a given. You need a hat to protect you from sunburn as well as unpleasantness at the dermatologist's office. Here are several good looking hats to choose from -- ?Nothing makes a statement like a proper golf hat?Classic Golf Hat by Coolibar."

Prevention Magazine ? July 2008
Prevention reveals 13 genius gizmos to ensure a safe family vacation, including the Coolibar packable wide brim hat. This hat protects you with a SPF of 50 and springs back into shape after being stuffed in a suitcase -- ?Channel your inner fashionista with this Coolibar Packable Wide-Brim Hat."

NBC Today Show ? July 13, 2008
Wondering what to wear at the beach this season? Pamela Edwards of Essence magazine reports on what you need at the beach. This list begins with a wide brim hat that has UV protection built right in. Other beach essentials include UV protective sunglasses, waterproof shoes and bags and a beach cover up -- ?UV Protective Hats?Coolibar Seaside Hat."

MSNBC ? July 7, 2008
Gardeners are among the most at risk for developing skin cancer because of their increased amount of sun exposure. The Skin Cancer Foundation says there is no such thing as a safe tan. To help protect yourself from the sun, wear sun protective clothing, such as Coolibar -- ?Sun Protective Clothing?an excellent option for gardeners."

CBS The Early Show ? June 21, 2008
Fashion now has function. CBS consumer correspondent reports on new ?smart clothing" that does more than make you look good. The clothing also protects you from the elements. Coolibar offers clothing with sunscreen built into it. They have products for men, ladies and infants. The infant UPF clothing provides full head to toe coverage and it's cute too -- ?UPF50+?Coolibar?lots of different products for lots of different events."

ABC Good Morning America ? June 11, 2008
Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Foundation spokeswoman Dr. Doris Day discusses areas where people raise their UV exposure risk by failing to put on sunscreen properly. There are also great clothes that protect from the sun, such as Coolibar. To be considered sun protective, clothing must have an ultraviolet protection of greater than 30 and retain its sun protective qualities after numerous washings and exposure to sunlight -- ?Coolibar clothing?fashionable and comfortable."

Parents Magazine ? June 2008
Planning a healthy day at the beach requires several steps. When getting ready to swim you want to make sure your children are protected from the sun with UV protective swimwear. Avoid white T-shirts, which are equivalent to only SPF 3 when they are wet. Seeking shade and applying and reapplying broad spectrum sunscreen frequently throughout the day are also a part of a healthy day at the beach -- ?Choose a swimsuit for your child that offers maximum coverage and UV protection? Coolibar's Neck to Knee Swimsuit."

Shape Magazine ? June 2008
Fashion & Function - Sun savvy easy ways to look hot without getting burned -- ?Coolibar Umbrella ?blocks 98 percent of UV rays."

Muscle & Fitness Magazine ? June 2008
Nothing says summer like a straw beach hat. Unfortunately, most are notoriously unreliable against the sun ? but not this one. Coolibar is rated to block 98% of UV rays -- ?Lined with cotton and fitted with a 4" brim ? Coolibar Straw Beach Hat."

Natural Health Magazine ? May 2008
Sun protective clothing blocks UV rays more effectively than most summer tees. Made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric treated to absorb UV rays, a new generation of summer cling makes it easier than ever to shield yourself fashionably. The effectiveness is measured by UPF, which is similar to SPF, but gauges how well fabric blocks the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation considers sun-protective fabrics with a UPF of 30 to 49 ?very good" protection and 50+ ?excellent" -- ?Protect your skin when you're in the water?swimwear from Coolibar."

Vegetarian Times ? May 2008
Take it outside with these green garden must-haves. Coolibar's Linen Garden Hat has English garden style with its broad brim, inner terry cloth headband lining, and cute outer ties. Best of all it blocks 98 percent of the sun's UVA and UVB rays -- "English garden style?Coolibar Linen Garden Hat."