Quotes from Coolibar Customers

"The best sun protective clothing on the planet." Carrie from California.

"Great products for sun protection in the outdoors." Mindy from Arizona.

"Construction was beautiful. Fabric was light, soft and cool." Maureen from Texas.

"My parents both have had skin cancer and the entire family is very fair, so we needed hats that would give us good sun protection. I was amazed at the products offered by Coolibar. I had never heard of the company but was thrilled with my purchase. The shipment arrived the day before we were leaving. The sun hats were all crushable so we could just throw them in the duffle bags and not worry about them. They were adjustable for the perfect fit, they were light weight and very cool in the heat, and they were stylish. They were well worth the price! I will buy from them again and again! Michelle from Georgia.

"I'm an environmental scientist in Florida and have to work in the field all day in the blazing summer sun. The Coolibar clothes are great and have made my life a lot easier. I have bought numerous clothing items from two other well known sun protection clothing companies over the past two years and have sweltered in their shirts by mid-day during the summer. Their shirt vents were not sufficient to keep me cool and I would end up taking the shirt off and putting on a cotton t-shirt just to deal with the heat. That has not been the case with your shirts. I made my first purchase about three weeks ago and was so happy with the items that I ordered more items last week. I have raved so much about the clothes and shown people how well constructed they are that my mother and co-workers have asked me for your web site so they can purchase Coolibar clothes, too. Keep up the great job!" Andrea from Florida.

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More customer quotes:

"Great products and very fast shipping!" Patrice from Kansas.

"My summer wardrobe protects my skin from the sun. It is cool, comfortable, wash and wear and snazzy too." Michelle from Massachusetts.

"I'm a big fan. All the clothes have been very pretty and very practical - how could you ask for more?" Amy from Michigan.

"Speedy shipping, great price and product...will use this site again and have already shared with other people who have bought and have had the same experince." Marianne from Oregon.

"I am very pleased with Coolibar and will use their online catalog again and recommend them to my friends." MaryLea from Kansas.

"The sunscreen clothing is well worth the price. It holds up well through hard wearing and washing and definitely prevents sunburn - as the 10 days spent in Costa Rica can attest to. One of the best places to order from on the internet!" Deborah from Virginia.

"We purchased 3 of your zipper front swim shirts to be used on a trip to the Galapagos Islands on the equator. As you can imagine the sun is extremely strong there. We snorkeled everyday during our visit. I'm proud to say we all returned home without a sunburn. I'm positive that is because we wore our shirts religiously while swimming. My husbands father borrowed his shirt and loved it so much I recently purchased one for him for his birthday.I highly recommend this product for those who spend hours on end in the water. They are a great for saving on sunscreen products as well as the time it takes to apply and wait for these products to sink in. My kids love that they can put the shirt on for a quick dip in the pool rather than lotioning up their entire body and waiting 20 minutes before they can go in. All in all I think anyone who is concerned with too much sun exposure will love your products." Lisa from Rhode Island.

"I have told all my golfing friends about the products. In Florida we are brutalized by the sun and the Coolibar products are a welcome addition to our armamentarium." Mary from Florida.

"Product (sun/swim shirt) was high quality and just the right style - shipping was speedy and packaged nicely. I highly recommend Coolibar." Anthony from New Jersey.

"I have ordered sun protective clothing from Coolibar several times now. The clothes are high quality. They are also true to size so ordering is easy. The clothes ship quickly. I will continue to order from Coolibar in the future." Vicki from Florida.

"Excellent product, price, service. Can't go wrong with these guys!" Diana from California.

"I was happy to find Coolibar. In the past I bought my sun products from Solumbra. I found Coolibar to be less expensive...They also have a much larger selection of items to choose from and the colors are just wonderful. Coolibar is a real winner! I'll be shopping with them in the future." Olivia from California.

"The two sun hats actually look even better than in the catalog. I will certainly buy from Coolibar again. Already recommended to friends." Doris from California.

"This product is by far the best quality and design of sunsuit that I have come across in years." Valerie from Virginia.

"The blouse is wonderful, and the hat was great." Susan from New York.

"Excellent products and service!" Gail from New Jersey.

"The shipment was fast and I couldn't believe the quality of the items. What a wonderful company to deal with and I would recommend the company to anybody looking for UV clothing to help in being protected from the suns UV rays." Denise from Ontario.

"The order was shipped much faster than I expected and the shirts are excellent quality and style." Tiffany from Iowa.

"This was the best shopping experience I have had on the internet. My items were shipped immediately. The products were quality items that exceeded my expectations. Thank you Coolibar." Carolynn from California.

"Much more fashionable than the Solumbra clothes I used to buy." Prudence from California.

"I found the clothes that I bought to be very lightweight and comfortable, while protecting me from the sun." Ginger from Texas.

"The best internet service I have ever had." Karen from Maryland.

"Great quality products that are less expensive than other sun protective brands." Leslie from Oregon.

"Love the product." Katherine from Virginia.

"I wore the items I had purchased in Jamaica over the last five days and they performed above my expectations." Timothy from Illinois.

"Coolibar products are of exceptionally high quality and are extremely well made."Marcia from Maryland.

"ALL of the SPF clothing I purchased from you...pants, tops, a hat and jackets.... were PERFECT, and allowed me access to the daytime world once again! THANKS." Gale from Florida.

"The quality of the Coolibar product far exceeded anything I had seen on the market!" Maija from Arizona.

"Thanks Coolibar for helping me fulfill a dream to swim with the dolphins." Hope from Nevada.

"Wonderful product; quick shipping." James from Georgia.

"The merchandise arrived promptly and was carefully wrapped and shipped. The quality was of a high caliber seldom seen these days." May from Illinois.

"Absolutely the Best! Love the products, wonderful packaging, every aspect of the sale was first class! Since I have Lupus I feel much better protected against the sun, thanks to your products." Pam from Oklahoma.

"I would recommend this company to anyone." Madeline from Arizona.

"Fabulous site and product, have recommended them to my friends!" Lynn from Connecticut.

"Thank you for being there for those of us who need extreme sun protection!" Leah from North Carolina.

"This is my third purchase from Coolibar. My dermatologist recommended them to me last year. The fabrics are sturdy, and I have been consistently pleased with the quality of their products." Michelle from New Hampshire.

"I recently bought a Coolibar swimming shirt and was tremendously impressed by its value and quality. It is far superior to the Solumbra product I previously used (which was more expensive, less stylish, and leaked color constantly)." Harold from California.

"I am very thankful to Coolibar for the variety, style and price of their sunblock clothing line. I shopped around comparing style and price and kept coming back to Coolibar. Everything I ordered was well made and fit nicely. This year I can enjoy the Summer while wearing their sun protective clothes without having to worry about putting on more sunscreen. Thanks Coolibar!" Carol from Indiana.

"It was great to find a product so highly recommended by my dermatologist to prevent sun damage." Anita from Maryland.

"This merchant was absolutely excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them in the future. I needed the product ASAP and they got to me ASAP as they promised." Lynda from California.

"Shopping, ordering, and delivery were very easy with Coolibar. The web site was easy to navigate. Very pleased with the whole experience." Kevin from Massachusetts.

"Excellent product and service...if you require sun protection this is the place to shop." William from Florida

"Very affordable sun protective clothing and fantastic quality. I loved the colors available." Jennifer from Arizona.

"These clothes are the greatest. I had used Solumbra for years but the prices and fashion were not updated enough. Your clothes are much nicer. Thank you for being there." Sharyn from Pennsylvania.

"This was the sort of experience that makes one want to shop on the internet all the time instead of bricks and mortar." Kay from California.

"This was my first purchase from Coolibar. In the past I have purchased from a competing company. I like Coolibar better because the prices are better, I like the style of clothes better, they are the only company to have the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation, shipping was quick, web site easy to use, and their catalog is appealing." Therese from Michigan.

"The items I purchased went beyond my expectations. I am not only pleased, but will buy many more items." Susan from New York.

"I'm very pleased with the quality of the clothes, customer service, and quick delivery. I highly recommend Coolibar." Michelle from Massachusetts.

"Products are of the highest quality." Leslie from Colorado.

"Purchased a bathing suit for my granddaughter. The sevice was excellent as was the product. Spent a week in the hot Cuban climate and she lived in this suit all day with superb comfort and sun protection. I couldn't be more pleased." Sue from Ontario.

"We were overwhelmingly pleased with the product, the ease of purchase and the entire experience. We will use Coolibar again!" Richard from California.

"The key criterion for purchase was the unique material in the garment which after one wearing met my needs and expectations." Thomas from Florida.

"I am a sailor and I am on my boat every weekend. I really need sun protection and Coolibar gives me that protection. I have no more worries thanks to Coolibar." Bernice from New York.

"Our dermatologist recommended we check out Coolibar's products. My husband works in the hot, hot Florida sun, so Coolibar's products are just what we were looking for. Thank you Coolibar!" Karen from Florida.

"Much more reasonable than the Solumbra clothing that I looked at. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for sun protection clothing." Scott from California

"I was very pleased with my recent purchase from Coolibar...The design of the shirt maximized comfort and air flow and for once I did not feel the sun through the garment. It was a high quality garment at an unbeatable price." Jacquelyn from Connecticut

"This is my second purchase with Coolibar for my parents. My dad has skin cancer and my mom had melanoma removed several years ago. They absolutely love the clothes and they are also very cool in the hot Florida sun." Michelle from New York

"Wondeful! Super lightweight and cool and I just spent two entire days in the sun, from sunup to sundown...I can't say enough great things about this company and their product...I am thrilled to have an option for life because of their sun protection clothing. Maybe my vampire days are over and I can see the light of day once again!" Juanita from California

"Whats better than excellent?" Beth from New Jersey

"Good products, excellent service. Priced at about half of what I've bought similar products for." Tim from Colorado

"The products are a great quality and style. I thought that they would be uncomfortable and matronly looking, but they are super soft. I bought the long-sleeved beach shirt and it is amazing how cool it keeps me. I bought it and thought that I would only wear it if I had to because I assumed it would be hot and uncomfortable. But the material actually breathes and is cooler than if I only wore my swimsuit! Diane from New York

"The product (a beach shirt) arrived on schedule and was exactly as expected except that the fabric had an astonishingly cotton-like feel. No sunburn on my vacation, and no sunscreen under the shirt, so I'm real happy." June from California

"My friends were delighted with the children's gifts. The sun suits were bought for a godchild who had sustained burns and was not allowed to get the affected areas sun exposed. My friend is so pleased with the suits that she's bringing the sun suits to the children's burn unit along with the catalog to show the doctors and nurses so they may pass on the information to other patients. Thanks." Cristina from Ohio

"Products arrived in time for my vacation and were instrumental in keeping me safe from the sun. (Love the signature hat!)" Wendy from New York

"My son has blonde hair, blue eyes and we love to go boating. Before I bought his shirt his shoulders would get so sunburned and blistered. We just got back from a 9 day trip.. Not one burn! He is 12 and the shirt was so comfy he had no problems agreeing to wear it! Debra from California

"The product was of exceptional quality and was a gift for my father." Michelle from New York

"The products that I ordered are even better than expected. The shirts and other merchandise live up to the product descriptions and my personal expectations. Bravo!" Frederick from Massachusetts

"This product is fantastic and was exactly as advertised...the service was excellent and prompt." Mindy from California

"Excellent quality to their sun protective clothing, and pretty reasonable prices, too! The item I purchased was for a gift, and the recipient loves it!" Sharon from Minnesota

"My first experiene was so good I placed another order right away." Barry from Florida

"My husband is happy with the items. We have been Solumbra customers." Vivian from Arizona

"I have very sensitive skin and need a great deal of protection from the burning sun...your clothes are giving me my life back." Lewis from Maine

"This was my second order from Coolibar and the service was just as good with the second order. I will be ordering from them in the future." Nancy from Ohio

"Sun protection clothing quality, style and color are excellent. I placed a second order for more items after receiving the first order." Beverly from Florida

"We are most pleased with our items. The shirts and sun hats are wonderful! The kids love them too! Thanks for making such protective and "cool" clothes!" Kirstin from Tennessee

"I wore the clothing on vacation and it's performed exactly as advertised. It looks great and protects against the effects of the sun. I will definitely buy from Coolibar again." Ursula from Oregon

"The order came very quickly and the merchandise is top quality for a good deal less money than other merchants sell these products for. We are very pleased with this company." Karl from Tennessee

"I loved the products." Wendy from Arizona

"The ordering process was easy, quick and efficient!" Janis from Virginia

"Great product, great price, great service." Ed from Utah

"I was impressed with the person I talked to on the phone. He answered my many questions about the products and was very informative about it all. The items arrived faster than I expected and I would order from them anytime and would recommend them to anyone who asks. We have already enjoyed our vacation to the beach with our pop-up UV protective tent. Our 5 month old baby was able to be at the beach with us and see the ocean while being protected from the sun." Tracey from Florida

"I love the products. The hat was so great I ordered 2 more in different colors." Claire from New Hampshire

"The people I spoke to at Coolibar were outstanding in their manner, concern and knowledge of their fantastic products. The sunscreens are superior! As a Scottish fair skinned auburn head I was totally pleased that I could spend seven days in the sun without getting burned or peeling...it was amazing! They also got them to me in two days. Awesome." Lana from Massachusetts

"Start to finish was a very good experience." Don from Florida

"Very easy to deal with and great sun protective clothing." Kathryn from Washington

"Coolibar made ordering easy and explained sizing very well." Heidi from North Carolina

"Really nice people on the other end of the phone. Very helpful, very honest.I bought two shirts and sun protection cream, excellent products. I'll definitely call them again." Linda from Wisconsin

"Before going to Mexico I ordered a crushable hat, a long-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved swim shirt...they were fantastic...it felt so great buying something that exceeded my expectations...I came back pretty darn white!" Mike from Minnesota

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