Kids School Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Coolibar's hats sun protective?

A: Some factors that can affect the level of UV protection is the weave, color, weight, stretch, and wetness. The other major factor that affects protection is the addition of UV absorbers or UV diffusers during the manufacturing process. Coolibar uses specialized fabrics that are made to our specifications and tested to maximize the lightness and comfort in the garment or hat.

Q: What discount is applied in Coolibar's School Hat Program?

A: Schools will receive 50% off the retail price on each school hat.

Q: Are there discounts for teachers ordering through Coolibar's School Hat Program?

A: There is a 50% discount on one adult hat for every 15 kids hats ordered in conjunction with the school program since we feel it is very important for adults to model appropriate behavior for the kids. There is a complimentary adult style for each of the three hats offered in the Kids School Hat program such as the Adult Lite Feaetherweight Bucket Hat (has chin strap), Adult Reversible Bucket Hat (no chin strap), or Adult All Sport Hat. You may also choose from other hat styles offered by Coolibar.

Q: What is the minimum quantity I can purchase to qualify for the School Hat Program?

A: The minimum purchase quantity is 50 hats.

Q: What hat sizes should I order?

A: Please refer to our children's sizing chart under hats to help assist you in sizing. All of our school hats come in S/M and L/XL along with adjustable draw cords to ensure the perfect fit.

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