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Men's UV Protective Fishing Clothing

Checklist for Fishing Hats and UV Protection Clothing:

Sun Protection - All sun protective clothes and fishing hats from Coolibar are guaranteed to block 97% UVA and UVB, with most of our clothes blocking at least 98% UV - equal to a SPF 50+ sunscreen. Our hats contain titanium dioxide microfibers, basically sunscreen built into the fabric - kind of like a sunscreen hat.
Breathable, Quick Drying, Lightweight - Our lite SUNTECT® fabric feels lighter than air and breathes to keep your head dry.
Long, Shapeable Visor - For the best sun protection, a sport sunscreen hat should have an extra long front visor that can be shaped to suit your style.
Wide Brim - Add shade to all sides with the wide 3" brim found in our Reversible Bucket Hat.
Neck Flaps - What do you get when you have a hat with flaps? You get a sunblock hat! Our All Sport Hat provides extra sun protection with fold out flaps to cover your neck while keeping your peripheral vision clear for fishing. For even more sun protection, try the Ultra Sport Hat with an extended fabric drape and Velcro closure to protect your lower face. Flaps fold into hat when not in use for additional versatility.
Protection from Reflected UV - When on the water, extra measures are required to give you full sun protection. Darker fabric under the brim, such as on our Super Sport Hat, will reduce glare and absorb reflected UV. Protect your eyes with UV Protection Sunglasses - wrap sunglasses protect your eyes from tangential rays while fishing.
Fit Adjustment, Toggle Cord - To ensure a proper fit, our fishing hats include a hidden elastic drawcord for fit adjustment.
Buoyancy - Many of our hats will stay afloat in case they get dunked.
Moisture Wicking Headband - Soft, absorbent, terry headbands wick away moisture on a hot day.
Our uv protection clothing like our fishing hat will keep you safe from the sun.

Coolibar Fishing Hats and Fishing Clothing

Experts agree that sun protective clothes, like a fishing hat from Coolibar, offer better UV protection versus wearing just sunscreen alone. If you think sunscreen is too much of a hassle when fishing, then it is essential to protect yourself from damaging UV rays with a hat or shirt. Think of a Coolibar fishing hat as a sunscreen or sunblock hat - all the benefits of sunscreen without the greasiness or odor. Our fishing hats include features like our exclusive lite SUNTECT® fabric, which is breathable and quick drying. Other essential features include neck flaps, extra long visors, wide brims and wicking headbands. Also select from our other fishing clothes including shirts, pants and gloves for the ultimate in sun protection.