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  1. 01303-675-1000-LD-coolibar-seaside-hoodie-upf-50 01303-001-1000-9-coolibar-seaside-hoodie-upf-50_11
    NEW COLORS Women's Seaside Hoodie UPF 50+
  2. 03288-001-1000-LD-coolibar-swim-leggings-upf-50 03288-001-1000-9-coolibar-santa-cruz-swim-leggings-upf-50_8
    Wow! Media Choice
    MEDIA CHOICE Women's Santa Cruz Swim Leggings UPF 50+
  3. 07048-034-1000-1-coolibar-fingerless-sun-gloves-upf-50 Ouray UV Fingerless Sun Gloves Black XL Solid
    Ouray UV Fingerless Sun Gloves UPF 50+
  4. 01249-416-1001-1-coolibar-beach-pants-upf-50 01249-001-1000-2-coolibar-beach-pants-upf-50_9
    NEW COLORS Women's Windley Beach Pants UPF 50+
  5. 01296-686-1000-LD-coolibar-beach-shirt-upf-50 01296-001-1000-2-coolibar-beach-shirt-upf-50_9
    NEW COLORS Women's Iztapa Beach Shirt UPF 50+
  6. 01313-416-1001-2-coolibar-summer-leggings-upf-50 01313-001-1000-2-coolibar-leggings-upf-50_8
    NEW COLORS Women's Monterey Summer Leggings UPF 50+
  7. 07046-545-1000-1-coolibar-uv-gloves-upf-50 Gannett UV Gloves Black XL Solid
    NEW COLORS Gannett UV Gloves UPF 50+
  8. 01598-410-1000-2-coolibar-sport-pants-upf-50_5 01598-001-1000-1-coolibar-sport-pants-upf-50_4
    Men's Outpace Sport Pants UPF 50+
  9. 10307-209-1000-3-Coolibar-UV-Long-Fingerless-Sun-Gloves-UPF-50 Perpetua UV Long Fingerless Sun Gloves Black XL Solid
    Ultimate Coverage
    Perpetua UV Long Fingerless Sun Gloves UPF 50+
  10. 07038-450-1000-2-coolibar-uv-protection-sleeves-upf-50 Foraker UV Protection Sleeves Black XXL Solid
    Ultimate Coverage
    NEW COLORS Foraker UV Protection Sleeves UPF 50+
  11. 01418-400-1187-1-coolibar-packable-sunblock-jacket-upf-50 01418-001-1000-2-coolibar-packable-sunblock-jacket-upf-50_10
    NEW COLORS Women's Arcadian Packable Sunblock Jacket UPF 50+
  12. 07070-453-1000-1-coolibar-kids-performance-sleeves-upf-50 Y- Backspin Performance Sleeves Black L/XL Solid
    Kid's Backspin Performance Sleeves UPF 50+

Displaying 12 Products

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Sun Protection Accessories For the best sun protection, make sure to complete your wardrobe with accessories from Coolibar. All of our sun accessories block at least 98% UV, the same protection as our sun clothing. Bring the shade along wherever you go with our line of a sun umbrella, parasol or sun shelter.