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  1. 10406-199-8000-2-coolibar-Kaenon-Colusa-Sunglasses-upf-50 10406-889-8005-2-coolibar-Kaenon-Colusa-Sunglasses-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Colusa Sunglasses
  2. 10257-600-1165-1-coolibar-palatine-scarf-upf-50_1 Palatine Scarf Brown OS Leopard Print
    Women's Palatine Scarf UPF 50+
  3. 10325-630-8017-1-coolibar-smith-haywire-upf-50 10325-237-8002-1-coolibar-smith-haywire-upf-50_1
    Smith Haywire Sunglasses
  4. 06235-221-8005-1-coolibar-kaenon-palisades-upf-50 06235-221-8005-1-coolibar-kaenon-palisades-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Palisades Sunglasses
  5. Kaenon Calafia Sunglasses Kaenon Calafia Sunglasses Matte Tortoise OS Brown - Non-Glass
    Kaenon Calafia Sunglasses
  6. 02365-453-1000-3-coolibar-ultra-sun-hat-upf-50_1 Stevie Ultra Sun Hat Tan OS Coolibar Camo
    Ultimate Coverage
    NEW COLORS Men's Stevie Ultra Sun Hat UPF 50+
  7. 02233-410-1000-1-coolibar-shapeable-poolside-hat-upf-50_3 02233-232-9990-1-coolibar-shapeable-poolside-hat-upf-50_4
    Women's COMPACT IN A SNAP!™ Shelby Shapeable Poolside Hat UPF 50+
  8. Kaenon Knolls Sunglasses Kaenon Knolls Sunglasses Gold OS Brown - Non-Glass
    Kaenon Knolls Sunglasses
  9. Kaenon Sonoma Sunglasses 10299-224-8005-1-coolibar-kaenon-sonoma-sunglasses-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Sonoma Sunglasses
  10. Kaenon Lunada Sunglasses Kaenon Lunada Sunglasses Shiny Tortoise OS Tan-Non-Glass
    Kaenon Lunada Sunglasses
  11. 10298-889-8005-1-coolibar-kaenon-lina Kaenon Lina Shiny Tortoise OS Gold - Glass
    Kaenon Lina Sunglasses
  12. 10326-237-8002-1-coolibar-smith-roam-upf-50 Smith Roam Sunglasses Matte Desert OS Copper - Non-Glass
    Smith Roam Sunglasses
  13. 10315-225-8000-1-coolibar-costa-del-mar-upf-50 10315-225-8000-1-coolibar-costa-del-mar-upf-50_2
    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
  14. 10328-003-8007-1-coolibar-smith-bridgetown-upf-50 10328-215-8012-1-coolibar-smith-bridgetown-upf-50_1
    Smith Bridgetown Sunglasses
  15. Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses Smith Lowdown2 Sunglasses Matte Tortoise OS Brown - Non-Glass
    Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses
  16. Costa Anaa Sunglasses 10314-225-8009-1-coolibar-costa-anaa-upf-50_2
    Costa Anaa Sunglasses
  17. 10324-036-8001-1-coolibar-smith-outback-upf-50 Smith Outback Sunglasses Matte Desert OS Copper - Non-Glass
    Smith Outback Sunglasses
  18. 06226-360-8003-1-coolibar-costa-isabela-upf-50 06226-225-8002-1-coolibar-costa-isabela-upf-50_1
    Costa Isabela Sunglasses
    $179.00 - $229.00
  19. Kaenon Georgia Sunglasses 06234-225-8005-1-coolibar-kaenon-georgia-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Georgia Sunglasses
    Was $179.00
    Now $129.88 - $179.00
  20. Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses 06237-225-8000-1-coolibar-kaenon-clarke-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Clarke Sunglasses
    Was $179.00
    Now $129.88
  21. 02365W-027-1000-1-coolibar-ultra-sun-hat-upf-50_2 Stevie Ultra Sun Hat Tan OS Coolibar Camo
    Ultimate Coverage
    NEW COLORS Women's Stevie Ultra Sun Hat UPF 50+
  22. Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses 06257-223-8005-1-coolibar-smith-guides-choice-upf-50_1
    Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses
  23. Kaenon Stinson Sunglasses 06239-215-8007-1-coolibar-kaenon-stinson-upf-50_1
    Kaenon Stinson Sunglasses
    Was $179.00
    Now $159.88
  24. 07019-200-1115-LD-coolibar-grassi-sun-bandana-upf-50 Grassi Sun Bandana Brown OS Leopard Print
    Women's Grassi Sun Bandana UPF 50+
  25. 10179-232-1176-LD-coolibar-uv-layered-mask-upf-50 10179W-209-1000-1-coolibar-uv-layered-mask-upf-50
    Ultimate Coverage
    NEW COLORS UV Layered Mask UPF 50+
  26. 07041-111-1000-1-coolibar-uv-headband-upf-50 07041-209-1000-1-coolibar-uv-headband-upf-50_1
    Ultimate Coverage
    Unisex UV Headband UPF 50+
  27. 07049W-209-1000-1-coolibar-hat-drape-upf-50_2 07049M-209-1000-1-coolibar-hat-drape-upf-50
    Ultimate Coverage
    Unisex Hat Drape UPF 50+

Displaying 27 Products

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Sun Protection Accessories For the best sun protection, make sure to complete your wardrobe with accessories from Coolibar. All of our sun accessories block at least 98% UV, the same protection as our sun clothing. Bring the shade along wherever you go with our line of a sun umbrella, parasol or sun shelter.