The quality of lenses matters for vision health

UVA and UVB are powerful invisible rays with wavelengths shorter than visible light, and are the most dangerous parts of sunlight. They can cause cataracts, eyelid cancers and other skin cancers and are believed to play a part in macular degeneration which is a major cause of vision loss for people over 60. In addition, UV rays can prematurely wrinkle and age skin around the eyes.

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  1. 10316-630-8000-1-coolibar-costa-piper-upf-50 10316-040-8000-1-coolibar-costa-piper-upf-50_1
    Costa Piper Sunglasses
  2. 10340-003-8000-1-coolibar-eyebobs-birdie-sunglasses-upf-50 10340-074-8012-1-coolibar-eyebobs-birdie-sunglasses-upf-50_1
    Eyebobs Birdie Sunglasses
  3. 10338-051-8000-1-coolibar-kaenon-mather Kaenon Mather Sunglasses Shiny Silver OS Grey - Non-Glass
    Kaenon Mather Sunglasses
  4. 10330-074-8000-2-coolibar-kaenon-leadbetter 10330-074-8000-1-coolibar-kaenon-leadbetter_1
    Kaenon Leadbetter Sunglasses
  5. 10317-400-8015-1-coolibar-costa-rincon-upf-50 10317-037-8000-1-coolibar-costa-rincon-upf-50_1
    $179.00 - $259.00 Costa Rincon Sunglasses
  6. 10324-036-8001-1-coolibar-smith-outback-upf-50 10324-036-8001-1-coolibar-smith-outback-upf-50_1
    Smith Outback Sunglasses

Displaying 6 Products

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