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Cover Your Torso & Arms

Ultimate Coverage - Cover Your Torso & Arms

Cover Your Torso & Arms.

A long sleeve shirt that covers shoulders and extends over forearms and hand tops (when possible) provides strong upper chest and arm coverage. Look for thumbholes, longer cuffed sleeves, zippers that go to the top of the shirt collar, mock turtleneck or mandarin style collars where possible.


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  1. Women's LumaLeo Sleeves UPF 50+ W- LumaLeo Sun Sleeves Light Blue L/XL Heather
    Women's LumaLeo Sleeves UPF 50+
  2. 01303-675-1000-LD-coolibar-seaside-hoodie-upf-50 01303-450-1001-1-coolibar-seaside-hoodie-upf-50_15
    NEW COLORS Women's Seaside Hoodie UPF 50+
  3. 10305-033-1133-LD-coolibar-abaca-womens-fishing-sleeves-upf-50_3 10305-471-1000-1-coolibar-abaca-womens-fishing-sleeves-upf-50_2
    Ultimate Coverage
    Women's Abacos Fishing Sleeves UPF 50+
  4. 01296-686-1000-LD-coolibar-beach-shirt-upf-50 01296-450-1000-9-coolibar-beach-shirt-upf-50_10
    NEW COLORS Women's Iztapa Beach Shirt UPF 50+
  5. 10061-456-1002-1-coolibar-geneva-zip-rash-guard-upf-50_2 10061-483-1002-1-coolibar-geneva-zip-rash-guard-upf-50_8
    Women's Geneva Quick-Zip Rash Guard UPF 50+
  6. 10045-471-1000-3-coolibar-sailing-tee-hoodie-upf-50_14 10045-471-1000-8-coolibar-paros-sailing-hoodie-upf-50_8
    Ultimate Coverage
    Women's Paros Sailing Hoodie UPF 50+
  7. 10044-033-1133-2-coolibar-sailing-tee-upf-50 10044-471-1000-1-coolibar-sailing-tee-upf-50_15
    Women's Paros Sailing Tee UPF 50+
  8. 01418-400-1187-1-coolibar-packable-sunblock-jacket-upf-50 01418-462-1000-2-coolibar-packable-sunblock-jacket-upf-50_10
    NEW COLORS Women's Arcadian Packable Sunblock Jacket UPF 50+
  9. 10089-400-1133-LD-coolibar-fishing-hoodie-upf-50_6 10089-420-1000-LD-coolibar-fishing-hoodie-upf-50_4
    Ultimate Coverage
    Kid's Andros Fishing Hoodie UPF 50+
  10. 10090-111-1000-LD-coolibar-fishing-tee-upf-50_5 10090-420-1000-LD-coolibar-fishing-tee-upf-50_5
    Kid's Andros Fishing Tee UPF 50+

Displaying 10 Products

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