A Scene from the Mountain

A Scene from the Mountain
Throughout June, Coolibar gives each of our 2014 Sponsored Athletes the spotlight. For a quick look at all of our 2014 athletes, go here. By Jim Webster Checking in from Beacon, New York: the 2014 competitive rifle season is just starting for me, but my training regimen, both strength and cardio, is year round. One of my favorite places to train is Mt. Beacon. This hill rises 1,400 vertical feet from my front door and was once home to one of the longest incline railways in world. Steep and ever-changing terrain make it a perfect natural gym. During the week before work, Molly and I will head to the park and do laps on the steps. On the weekends we extend our hikes to the many trails that have formed over the years. The photo is from the beginning of Mt. Beacon Park – these 200 steps are the warm-up. When you stop for water you throw in a set of push-ups…not as a penalty, but to make the most of your break. When I am not on the mountain, I study and instruct jujitsu at a local dojo. The combination of these very active pursuits is a perfect balance for the calm that is required when I am behind the rifle. The better my cardio, the more patient I am when attempting to score a center hit on the target that is more than half a mile away. I really like the versatility of Coolibar’s line. For example, the sun was not bearing down on me in the photo above; in fact the temperature was just over 40 degrees F. Just the same, the UV is present. The combination of the Cool Fitness Shirt and Neck Gaiter added enough breathable warmth to remain comfortable and protected the entire workout. Stay tuned for more scenes from the mountain. Train hard and stay safe.

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