Albinism Crisis in Tanzania (Video)

Albinism Crisis in Tanzania (Video)
Recently Coolibar was contacted by ABC’s 20/20 about a story on the persecution of those with albinism in Tanzania. Through this connection Coolibar partnered with a non-profit organization called Under the Same Sun, which provides resources to assist those disadvantaged by disability, discrimination and poverty allowing an increased quality of life. Coolibar donated sun protective clothing and hats to two schools in Tanzania, a safe refuge for children with albinism. Tune in to 20/20 on Friday, August 27th to watch the full story. "Coolibar's goal is to be the pre-eminent authority on sun protection worldwide. There is a problem with the people suffering with Albinism in Tanzania. Albinism is really just a lack of melanin in your skin; it’s the stuff that gives you the natural protection against the sun. The rate of albinism in Tanzania is significantly higher. Typically it affects about one person in 20,000 and in Tanzania it’s about one in 4,000." "Specifically what Coolibar is doing to help is we’re donating hats and we’re donating clothing; tops, shirts, blouses and so on. It’s actually getting bundled up here in Minnesota and is going to be shipped over to them." "The main focus of our donation is for students and teachers in a couple of schools. All together it will be about 500 people that we’ll be outfitting with our products and protecting. We operate in a space where there is a lot of opportunities for us to work with communities and organizations who are not for profits or are serving people who are in need. This is one of the first times that we’ve helped people in other countries, so we’re very happy to be doing that. Coolibar’s mission is to help people enjoy the outdoors and their activities in the outdoors, and this type of work fits in very closely with that." [caption id="attachment_328" align="alignleft" width="167" caption="Provides resources to assist those disadvantaged by disability."][/caption]

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