Athlete Chad Grigsby Reviews Coolibar Swim Shirt

Athlete Chad Grigsby Reviews Coolibar Swim Shirt

Coolibar Athlete Chad Grigsby is a pro angler, currently in his 10th full season on the FLW Tour. He spends hours on the water waiting for the perfect catch. Due to the lack of shade on the water, Chad sought out Coolibar for long lasting sun protection. He put Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear to the test and now shares his thoughts on its versatile performance. Read Chad’s review of the Coolibar Long Sleeve Swim Shirt.

Overall, I think it is a great shirt, hands down my favorite. I like the way it fits and it really keeps me cool out on the water when I am standing in the sun from daylight to dark. It keeps me cooler than wearing a T-shirt. What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt? Fishing What are your favorite features? I like how it keeps me cool all day in the sun. I also like the color surf blue. What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? Great, soft feel and it does what it is meant to do – protect my skin. Did the fabric meet your expectations? Yes, no snags and I have worn it a ton on the water. Did the fabric stick to your skin? No What do you want others to know about this shirt? I would want people to know that it keeps you cool and is UPF 50. Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun? Sun protection is not an option but a requirement for anyone who spends a significant amount of time outdoors. If you don't like to use sunscreen, UPF clothing is an excellent alternative. Also wear a hat!

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