Athlete Elena King Reviews Coolibar Water Jacket

Athlete Elena King Reviews Coolibar Water Jacket
Elena King is a Class A Member of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Division, instructor of gifted golfers and Coolibar Athlete. Elena spends most days out on the green and under the sun teaching golf or playing a round of 18 holes. She put Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear to the test and now provides her two-cents on its on-course performance. Read Elena’s review of the Coolibar Water Jacket. What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt? Golfing, teaching and hanging out. What are your favorite features? The petite fit is great. The material is lightweight - perfect on cool mornings and not too hot mid-day. What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? It’s super comfortable for swinging a golf club. Did the fabric meet your expectations? Exceeded, great for other activities other than the swim environment. Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool? Yes! Did the fabric stick to your skin? NO! What do you want others to know about this shirt? It is a great piece to have with you all the time put on early morning or wear indoors after activities. I wear it anytime anywhere. I love the lighter blue color as I get lots of compliments on it. Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun? When playing golf, carry an umbrella with you to use for protection on the extremely sunny days as well.

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