Athlete John Barker Reviews Coolibar Fitness Shirt

Athlete John Barker Reviews Coolibar Fitness Shirt
Triathlete and Coolibar Athlete John Barker spent the last year training for the Life Time Triathlon in Minneapolis held on July 14th, which is the first race he’s successfully completed since donating his kidney to a stranger in 2010. While training, John knew he not only had to watch his diet and stick with a strict training schedule, but also had to use sun protection as part of his healthier living routine. He put Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear to the test and now shares his thoughts. Read John’s review of the Coolibar Fitness Shirt. What are your overall thoughts on the shirt? I am very impressed with the performance of the athletic shirt. I have been wearing these shirts for two months for indoor and outdoor training sessions and can say these are the best shirts I've worn. Not only do they protect me from the sun, but they actually keep me cooler, which is very important to having a good training session. What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt? I use the athletic shirts for running and biking. What are your favorite features? I like the fit and the feel of the fabric. Other shirts I own have difficulty keeping me dry. The athletic shirts wick the moisture away from my body, allowing me to stay cooler and not feel like I'm swimming in my own perspiration. What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? I like the feel of the fabric, and after two months of wearing and washing these shirts they have maintained their shape. They have been very durable shirts. Did the fabric meet your expectations? Yes, it actually exceeded my expectations. I've worn Coolibar shirts in the past so I knew they would keep me cooler. I was pleasantly surprised to discover they actually keep me drier as well. Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool? Yes. Compared to other shirts that I've worn in the past, the athletic shirt is more comfortable. Did the fabric stick to your skin? No. Even during high intensity training sessions where I am perspiring excessively, the shirt never feels like it is sticking to me. One of the issues my other shirts have is that they cause chafing when they start to get wet. The athletic shirts have not had this problem, which is why I continue to wear these shirts daily. What do you want others to know about this shirt? If folks are looking for a comfortable work-out shirt, outdoors or indoors, this is a great fitting shirt. The fabric keeps you cooler and dryer and won't chafe your skin. Do you have any additional comments? Since I wear the athletic shirt biking, it would be nice to have a couple of pockets on the backside of the shirt (like a cycling shirt) for storing energy bars and such for long endurance rides. I know Coolibar had "biking" clothes in the past, however these shirts are actually a better cycling shirt if they had some pockets! Cyclists like to be aero dynamic, so loose fitting clothes aren't going to attract attention. These shirts are a great option for cyclists. [caption id="attachment_6414" align="alignleft" width="553" caption="John and his family wearing Coolibar Fitness Shirts for a 5K"][/caption] Get the Coolibar Fitness Shirt. Read other Coolibar Athlete product reviews. Also, watch John’s interview from the day of the Life Time Triathlon in Minneapolis.

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