Athlete Tania Prymak reviews Coolibar Water Jacket and Bike Gloves

Athlete Tania Prymak reviews Coolibar Water Jacket and Bike Gloves
Coolibar Athlete Tania Prymak competes in ski cross by winter, but in the summer, she builds her endurance by biking 20 miles every day. Despite having kidney disease, Tania pushes herself hard in hopes of qualifying for an Olympic spot on the U.S. ski cross team. She also knows that whether she’s biking on the pavement, or rushing down the snowy slopes, she needs to keep UV rays at bay. Now, after wearing Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear during her training, she shares her thoughts on the Coolibar Water Jacket and Bike Gloves. What are you overall thoughts on the shirt? Very practical and comfortable activity shirt! Its fabric makes the shirt extremely light and is soft on the skin. The gloves fit very well and the padding on the palms prevent my hands from hurting when I bike. What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt? I use the jacket and bike gloves when I bike 20 miles every day. What are your favorite features? The light feeling of the jacket is my favorite feature and the padding on the bike gloves. What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? The fabric on the jacket is great; it’s light and breathable. The bike gloves are much thicker and do not allow the skin on the hands to breathe as much. Did the fabric meet your expectations? The fabric exceeded my expectations. I would like if the bike gloves were made of the same fabric as the jacket, lighter fabric. Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool? Yes, it did a great job allowing me to stay cool even though I was sweating. Did the fabric stick to your skin? The fabric did not stick to my skin at all. What do you want others to know about this shirt? It is an amazing and practical shirt for active women who want to protect their skin from sunburn and look great at the same time! Any additional comments you would like to share with us? The shirt is really great, it fits well and I love wearing it. I constantly use the bike gloves so I have a few comments on them. The fabric is okay, but it would be nice if it were made of the same fabric as the jacket. Also instead of bike gloves that cover the entire hand, maybe have bike gloves that cut off at the knuckles and leave the finger tips exposed. It would also be nice if the bike gloves cut off at the wrist instead of coming down the forearm. On the same subject, has Coolibar ever considered creating bike jerseys? I think it would be a great idea and I can think of many friends of mine who would love to use it! It would also allow sponsored athletes like me to get Coolibar’s name out there! What if you did some promotional bike jerseys with the Coolibar logo/advertisement? I know I would wear it numerous times a week. For hotter days, short sleeve or no sleeves would be great, and for cooler bike days long sleeves with light fabric. Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun? If you’re blonde and fair skinned like me, you cannot risk being severely sunburned while playing your favorite sport. Coolibar products allow you to stay cool and be safe at the same time no matter what you’re doing! [caption id="attachment_6427" align="alignleft" width="552" caption="Tania Prymak Biking in Coolibar Water Jacket"][/caption] Get the Coolibar Water Jacket. Get Coolibar Gloves. Read other Coolibar Athlete product reviews.

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