Bringing the Love of Stand Up Paddleboarding to Every Part of Life

Bringing the Love of Stand Up Paddleboarding to Every Part of Life
Coolibar highlights another Sponsored Athlete for 2014. By Leslie Jackson Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a new sport to me, and one that makes both my body and mind feel good. The sport itself is a great core strengthener and one that allows you to push yourself to your limits. It's fun to test your speed and balance and practice little tricks that make you faster. What I really love about the sport is the ability for everybody to enjoy it. I can go out with my kids or I can go out with a friend and I know I am going to have fun and get a really good workout. That to me, is what exercise is all about! On days when I paddle, my routine starts well before I make it to the water, but it's all part of the sport and nothing I complain about. I get dressed in my Coolibar workout attire and lather up in sunscreen, then throw on a hat and sunglasses and am ready to begin. If only I could walk out my door and into the water, but that is not the case. So, I walk out the door and load my gear. I drive a big SUV and have a nice SUP rack on it, but it is still work and part of my routine. I grab my paddle and put in the car, then take my board out of the bag and hoist it over my head. Once I get it on the roof racks, I tighten it down and away I go. I generally paddle with at least one friend and we meet at the water's edge ready for a workout. Somedays we go for a long easy paddle where we just enjoy the water and feel the glide under our feet and other days we do fast intervals with a beach workout. Whatever it is we decide to do, it is always nice to be out on the water and to enjoy the Southern California weather!

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