Cancer Be Glammed

Cancer Be Glammed
The words cancer and glamour are rarely used in the same sentence…that is until now. We love the work that Cancer Be Glammed is doing to help women recover from cancer with confidence, self-esteem and style. Lisa Lurie, the company’s co-founder, shares her inspiration for starting this organization. And if you are looking for some good holiday gift ideas for the survivor in your life, Lisa’s team has some excellent suggestions. They even have a personal concierge. Cancer and Glam are two words that most women don’t associate together. As a cancer survivor and co-founder of Cancer Be Glammed, I am determined to change that. Cancer Be Glammed was born from the frustration I felt during my own battle with breast cancer. Following my diagnosis, I underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Like most women who are quickly thrown onto the cancer rollercoaster, I was totally unprepared for the side effects of surgery and treatment. Side effects that included permanent physical changes, hair loss, weight issues, and skin made ultra-sensitive to the sun. It was soul destroying for me to look into the mirror. I could barely recognize the tired, bloated woman in the sweatpants, baggy top, and bandana-- staring back. [caption id="attachment_7829" align="alignright" width="137"] Head scarf from CBG[/caption] When I recovered, I co-founded, Cancer Be Glammed. Our goal--to prepare women for the side effects of surgery and treatment, and to provide them with easy access to fashionable products and style solutions to help them maintain their self-esteem and lifestyle. On our website,, women can shop for practical yet stylish products like beautiful headscarves and wraps, skin care that pampers and heals treatment sensitive skin, and great sun protective hats, clothing, and accessories. In addition, we feature ideal gifts like journals, eReaders, soothing teas, and more that a woman going through treatment will use and appreciate. Our Personal Concierge can help a woman choose items for herself or make gift recommendations to family members or friends. Through our blog, Facebook, Twitter and other media, we are bringing together a community of women sharing their own advice on how to “Recover In Style.” Cancer treatment is so hard, looking and feeling better -- shouldn’t be. Lisa Lurie [caption id="attachment_7822" align="alignleft" width="169"] Lisa Lurie co-founder Cancer Be Glammed[/caption]

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