Coolibar Athlete Ally Loisel-Murray: Long-Distance Runner on a Mission

Coolibar Athlete Ally Loisel-Murray: Long-Distance Runner on a Mission
On April 22nd, I am running from Galveston, Texas to my hometown in Minnesota. My mission is prevention and Coolibar is helping to expand my awareness of leading a healthy lifestyle! In 2008, I had a life threatening car accident, prior to my qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. As a result, I suffered two strokes and three traumatic brain injuries. In addition, I trisected my left carotid artery. Born without a right carotid, I was left with a 5 percent chance of survival. After my experimental stent placement surgery, I was told I had a week, and then a month, then two months. Recently I had my fourth “new” birthday (October 10, 2012). Every couple of months, I hear about people whose stents are rejected or recalled due to other complications. Just recently, I learned there is now a relationship between brain injury and brain cancer. I realized I needed help to raise awareness on so many levels, so I planned my approximately 1,200 mile run from Texas to Minnesota. Besides being a marathoner, I was a commercial pilot. Currently, I am a wife to a husband, who thankfully, is patient with my crazy life. We are a busy household of four as we have two amazing sled dogs. One raced a 350 mile Iditarod through the western states into Alaska. The other is a husky greyhound mix that failed at racing, but we love him anyway. [caption id="attachment_8504" align="alignleft" width="352"] Ally Murray on Lake Superior in Duluth, MN[/caption] I am excited about Coolibar! I wear the Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Shirt and Long Sleeve Fitness Shirt over my winter heavy-duty workout clothes during training. They are flexible, breathable and have great length for both waist and arms, while protecting from the sun's dangerous UV rays! I love the colors and styles and have received several compliments! Wearing Coolibar clothing brightens my workout and helps me adjust to the spring sun! If you wish to follow my status once my run starts, visit my blog at Ally Loisel-Murray

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