Coolibar Athlete Chad Hannon: Adventure Racer

Coolibar Athlete Chad Hannon: Adventure Racer
Nine years ago while sitting on the couch having a cigarette, I made the decision to change my life. I decided it was time to live life to the fullest. I threw out the cigarettes, and got on my bike. Today, at 41, I am 55 pounds lighter and nine years without a cigarette. I run endurance events of all kinds. My favorites are Adventure Races. I am the father of two daughters (Madeline and Lanie), and have been married to my wife Courtney for nearly 13 years now. We consider ourselves, all of us, to be a very active family. Madeline in particular has shown a passion to follow me into Adventure Racing, and has begun running and training on a regular basis. At age 10, she already has more running medals then I ever will have. We are excited to be sponsored by Coolibar this season. We're of Irish descent and if there is one thing we Irish are known for – other than drinking prowess – it is sunburns. We cannot step in the sun without burning. So, imagine spending an entire 24 hour race in it, or trying to remember to reapply sunscreen on a five hour bike race section. With all we know today about overexposure and all the tragic stories that I need not repeat here, sun protection is just as obvious as throwing out those cigarettes. Chad Hannon [caption id="attachment_8616" align="alignleft" width="384"]Chad and daughter Madeline Chad and daughter Madeline[/caption]

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