Corrine in Her Beach Shirt

Corrine in Her Beach Shirt
A Coolibar customer letter. 8/31/2010 Dear Coolibar: As a very satisfied first time customer of Coolibar clothing, I wanted to show you that it was a pleasure wearing my [Savannah Wide Brim] hat and outfit [with the Beach Shirt] on a very hot day and still feeling cool! The material is wonderful even in long sleeves! So easy to launder and quick drying too. The hat is great and the ties keep it from blowing away, which I did not know they were for that purpose. My niece showed how to use them! I advise people interested to request your catalog at as they have clothing for men too. What a great product! I talk about my Coolibar outfit often. It is even casual enough to wear at luncheons with my friends and out shopping. I cannot praise the product enough and I thank my niece all the time for sending me such a wonderful birthday gift! She just ordered me one in yellow for this year’s birthday, can’t wait to get it! I can now enjoy boat rides better without a beach towel and baseball hat to cover me from the sun and wind. They are so quick drying!! Corrine Delaware, OH [caption id="attachment_991" align="alignleft" width="186" caption="Corrine in her Beach Shirt "][/caption]

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