Discuss Sun Protection with Your Dermatologist

Discuss Sun Protection with Your Dermatologist
Attention Dermatology Patients! You may have seen your local dermatologist to discuss any number of skin conditions. Or perhaps, you’re planning your first visit to a dermatologist soon. Either way, our medical expert Dr. Lee, encourages you to address UV protection at your next appointment. Board certified Dermatologist Edmund Lee, M.D., Ph.D. of Mount Sinai North Shore Medical Group has been practicing dermatology for 11 years outside of New York City and works with a large number of patients that have skin conditions caused or affected by the sun. According to Dr. Lee everyone should protect their skin from UV, and he eagerly shares his experience with us. The patients I see on a daily basis live a very active outdoor lifestyle. Golfing, boating, tennis, soccer, among many other activities, are part of daily life here. As a result, sun damage and its consequences are a large part of my Dermatology practice. My advice to my patients includes a discussion about the use of sunscreens and also UPF clothing to help protect them when they are outdoors. Sunscreens are very useful, but lately have come under some scrutiny for safety. While I have no problem recommending a variety of SPF products, I do have some patients who are wary of any SPF products. On the other hand, I always recommend UPF clothing. I tell my patients that UV rays can penetrate clothing which they find hard to believe. So, I have a photo of a patient who indeed got burnt right through his tee shirt last summer! A picture is worth a thousand words. To get the UPF word out in my community, I've held a Sun Protection Fair in my office for the past 4 years on a weekend in May or June. No patients are scheduled that day. Instead, I have the halls filled with UPF clothing and hats from large and small companies. Since the first Fair, several of my patients have become advocates for UPF clothes. The sailors and golfers are the best friends I have in persuading others to try these clothes. I keep UPF clothes after the fairs to continue to demonstrate UPF clothing all summer long—including apparel from Coolibar! Take it from our expert and discuss UV protection with your dermatologist. They will have insight into appropriate recommendations for your individual sun protection needs. Your skin is your largest and most visible organ, protect it for a long and healthy life. Disclaimer: The information provided by Coolibar and its contributors is general skin care information and should not be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from your physician and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem.

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