Packing for a Day at the Beach (Video)

Packing for a Day at the Beach (Video)
Hi, this is Dr. Davis for Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing. I wanted to give you some pointes on getting ready for a day at the beach or pool. You know you are going to be outside, you’ve got the kids in tow, and you’re wondering - What do I put in my beach bag? Sunscreen The basics to keep you Sun Safe the whole day include sunscreen, what you choose depends on your preference, but a nice high SPF sunscreen, such as Vanicream 60, or the kid’s love the Blue Lizard sunscreen which is a combination of chemical and physical, plus the bottle will also tell you when to put it on, it turns blue in ultraviolet light. Sunglasses and Sun Hat The other thing - sunglasses. Even for the kids, eye protection is important. For the kids, Coolibar makes an excellent UV protective lens, but also this nice strap so that it stays on in the water. And I do recommend leaving the sunglasses on in the water as well as the hat, which might be a surprise. But Coolibar makes some chlorine and salt water resistant fabrics that the kids put on and just leave on all day. They can be simply washed, but they are resistant to those chemicals that otherwise might harm fabrics. Sun Protective Clothing Last but not least, the sun protective clothing. There are some absolutely adorable outfits for kids you put on and you don’t have to worry about re-applying the sunscreen except for those little parts that are showing, like the tops of their feet, tops of their hands. Hat Sunscreen Sun Protective Clothing Sunglasses …keep your family sun safe for the whole day. So teach your family to be SunAWARE and you’ll keep them safe! Disclaimer: The information provided by Coolibar and its contributors is general skin care information and should not be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from your physician and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem.

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