Excessive Drinking and Skin Health

Excessive Drinking and Skin Health
Everyone is talking about eating in moderation this holiday season, starting with tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast. That’s all good, but what about moderating our alcohol consumption (and for more than the obvious reasons that a hangover is no fun). One reason – excess alcohol causes skin to age more rapidly! Why does drinking alcohol age skin? Alcohol contributes to aging skin by dilating small blood vessels in the skin and increasing blood flow near the skin's surface. Over time, these blood vessels can become permanently damaged, creating a flushed appearance and broken vessels on the skin’s surface, according to a related article posted on Dr. Oz’s website. Alcohol also causes inflammation throughout the body, including to the largest human organ – skin! While drinking water with beer, wine, or a cocktail can prevenet severe dehydration, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, board certified dermatologist and anti-aging expert says, “The inflammation in the skin from excess alcohol far outlasts the dehydration. The alcohol-induced dehydration also makes the skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.” Thus, even if you have five glasses of water with five glasses of wine, you will not be able counter alcohol’s aging effects. According to Jason Vale, author of “Slim for Life”, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach, “Drinking batters your liver, kidneys, and pancreas; it dehydrates your body; destroys brain cells and can shrink your brain. It eats away your stomach lining, weakens eyesight and causes impotence, diabetes, and obesity." And that doesn't even begin to cover what it does to the outside. (Makes you think!) The good news is with moderation you can still enjoy that glass of glass of wine with your Thanksgiving Dinner without worrying too much about creating extra wrinkles. An occasional glass of red wine may even offer health benefits, but moderation is key. Over consuming alcohol poses detrimental side-effects. Enjoy your holiday weekend, be safe and take care of your skin! Disclaimer: The information provided by Coolibar and its contributors is general skin care information and should not be a substitute for obtaining medical advice from your physician and is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem

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