Falling Off the Fitness Wagon

Falling Off the Fitness Wagon
By Kristie Cranford, CPT, ITCA, Coolibar Athlete New Year’s resolutions get us in the gym at the first of the year. Spring energizes us to get out there and get that bathing suit body ready. Summer has longer days and a variety of activities to keep us busy, active and fit. Fall. Days get shorter. Weather changes. School starts back for some. The seasonal temptations begin starting with pumpkin spices. Little by little fitness gets pushed back and pushed back until one day you realize you have fallen off the fitness wagon. The best way to combat falling out of fitness is to not let it happen to begin with. But in the event you do fall out of fitness, here are some tips and ideas to help you get back on track. Set a goal. Think New Year’s resolution now. Want to lose weight? Run a 5k? Come up with a goal, it will give you something to work toward. Find someone to hold you accountable. Friends, a coach, a personal trainer, find someone who will hold you accountable. Find someone who supports you and lifts you up when you are down. Find someone to work out with you; it’s hard to skip the gym when you are meeting someone there. Get virtually inspired. You would be amazed what you can find online now. There are virtual coaches and personal trainers, online fitness challenges, even virtual races. DIY. Can’t find a fitness challenge? Start one! Start a fitness challenge at work, school, among friends. Come up with prizes for meeting goals. Make it competitive and fun! Try something new. Find a new workout. Run a different route. Try a new sport. Add some new songs to your iPod. Sometimes we do the same fitness routine over and over it just gets, boring. Change it up. Watch Rocky. We’ve all done it at some point in time, watched a movie or an event and decided to get out there and get in shape. Think about a time that happened to you, and do it again. Make good food choices. Your body is an engine. Don’t give it bad fuel. Look for healthy alternatives to fall’s temptations. Make it a challenge. Think of something sinful you have a hard time resisting, and create a healthy version of your own. HAVE FUN. Bottom line you won’t stick to anything unless you are having fun. Embrace fall and enjoy finding fitness again! You’ll be glad you did. [caption id="attachment_7025" align="alignleft" width="500"] Kristie Cranford racing by MGM in Las Vegas[/caption]

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