Fun Sun Wear for Family Beach Day

Fun Sun Wear for Family Beach Day
"I was looking forward to wearing my [Coolibar Beach] shirt as it felt so light and weightless when I pulled it out of the package. Our Florida climate presented a perfect day to wear it to the beach. The first thing I noted was how incredibly light this shirt really was, as I couldn’t even feel it on my body. The cooler air from the ocean could easily flow through it, keeping me cool; which is very important in Florida where we have 90oF+ days during the summer. It was a very comfortable shirt and quite trendy, sporting a nice size hoodie, that made me feel like a celebrity. (see picture) My husband was having a lot of fun too running around taking pictures of the two of us working the “beach runway” and enjoying our new Coolibar gear. And why not, we looked awesome, and felt very comfortable while being well protected from the sun. A couple of people actually approached us to ask where we got our cool clothes. Bingo, Coolibar! "March in Florida offers the perfect weather to get out, but the water was still cool for swimming yet. So we played a lot in the sand, making sand castles and just being silly running around chasing each other. As no family “photo-shoot” ever goes without bloopers, the battery in our camera died just before we decided to test out the water, and wet our toes properly. Of course we’ve got soaked. That was something worth seeing. I am happy to report that my shirt stayed looking good wet, as well as dry and actually dried up in no time without clinging to my body. I loved the fact that our clothes, being wet, haven’t attracted too much sand either, which usually is a nuisance to clean up. Our son had particularly lots of fun throwing the sand on me as you can see, but we had no problems there. Just lots of fun and memorable moments. He looked so cute in his outfit [Toddler Water Polo Swim Set]. He is not much of a hat wearer and put up a bit of a fight in the beginning, but 5 minutes later he got used to it, and enjoyed the whole outfit just as much as I’ve enjoyed watching him wearing it. Or perhaps he also wanted to show off what a good model he is, just in case Coolibar is hiring new models. :) "Overall, we are very happy with our outfits and will wear them often, especially living in Sunny Florida." -Natalja [caption id="attachment_2019" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Natalja and her son modeling their Coolibar"][/caption]

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