Go Ahead...Give and Be Happy

Go Ahead...Give and Be Happy
The holidays can be a stressful. It’s easy to forget the true meaning of the season, Giving. Research shows there are many benefits of giving, for both the recipient and the giver. Giving makes you feel happy, can be great for your health and also strengthen the community. In her article, It's Good to Give, journalist Diana Rico writes, "Giving doesn’t only strengthen social bonds and make you feel good—it can also measurably impact your health, both physical and mental." Chemicals in our bodies, like dopamine and serotonin, are boosted by giving. Generosity also helps alleviate stress, which is associated with a number of health problems. Donating a gift or volunteering your time is a great way to strengthen community. That’s why all of us at Coolibar decided to sponsor a family through Solid Ground for the holiday. Solid Ground is a local organization that prevents and ends homelessness for families with children through housing, resources and opportunity. Each Coolibar department received a member of the family’s wish list and searched for the perfect, thoughtful gift. Seeing the excitement and gratitude from the family made us remember what the holidays are all about, and it felt really good to help make this family’s holiday a tiny bit more special. So go ahead and Give this holiday and always. It’s good for all! [caption id="attachment_4727" align="alignleft" width="225"] Wrapping presents for our adopted family[/caption]

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