Happy Holidays from Coolibar

Happy Holidays from Coolibar
The holidays create such excitement here at Coolibar. Chances are you’ve probably talked with one of our cheery customer service gals on the phone or chatted with our social fanatics on Facebook, but now we want to take a brief moment to let you get to know some of the people you’re dealing with (and we mean that in the nicest way). Let us preface this by saying we work VERY hard, but we like to have a little bit of fun too. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone –right? Our tremendously smart accounting team (or should I say Ben?) decided to arrange an ugly holiday outfit contest. The competition was fierce, as you can see from the group photo, but our customer service extraordinaire Peggy took home the ‘prize’ for this one. [caption id="attachment_4722" align="alignleft" width="553" caption="Ugly Shirt Day"][/caption] Then, who can resist homemade cookies, candy canes and boxed chocolates that seem to make their way into the office every day during the month of December. [caption id="attachment_4725" align="alignleft" width="553" caption="The holiday treats are almost gone!!"][/caption] This holiday season, we decided to sponsor a family through the East Metro Women's Council. Many of us took an hour out of an afternoon to neatly wrap all of the goodies we went out to find and top every last package off with a bow. [caption id="attachment_4727" align="alignleft" width="415" caption="Wrapping presents for the adopted family"][/caption] Finally, as a fun little activity, everyone had to reveal what the BEST gift they ever gave was. Answers included: "Dog sledding in Jamaica." - Alicia, Coolibar Merchandising "I surprised my husband with a piece of artwork that he really wanted. He thought I wasn’t listening when he spoke of how much he liked it. I had to sneak around to connect with the artist, pick it up and keep it hidden – not an easy task." - Jennifer, Coolibar Marketing "A toaster. Long story." - Seth, Coolibar Warehouse "The first year Aaron (my boyfriend) and I celebrated Christmas together, we gave gift cards to a Hibachi restaurant to each of our families and some of our closest friends, and planned a date where we all came together for a meal. There were probably about 25-30 people at the dinner, and it was a great chance for our separate friends and family to finally meet and mingle." – Rose, Coolibar Administration "Two diamond rings...long story." - Lu, Coolibar Creative "My step mother has been going to a vacation house in northern Michigan since she was young. Often I have joined them in the summer. There is an old abandoned barn in a field that she loves to spend time looking at and getting lost in the beauty of it, and the picturesque scenery. One summer I took my 35mm camera and tripod and snuck out to take black and white photographs. I kept this a secret until Christmas. I had the picture blown up and framed in a mounting that resembles old planks of wood. Now she can look at the barn set in a field of high wheat any time she wants to." - Ben, Coolibar Accounting "Happiness and smiles." - Oumkarn, Coolibar Information Technology "I gave my husband a hot air balloon ride over Lake Minnetonka. He loved it!" - Pat, Coolibar Customer Service Let us know on the Coolibar Facebook page what the best gift you ever gave was. We hope you enjoy celebrating the holidays as much as we do. Happy holidays from the Coolibar family to yours!

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