How to Add Sun Protection to Your Beach Wardrobe

How to Add Sun Protection to Your Beach Wardrobe
You’ve heard about the dangers of tanning, and worry about UV rays causing skin cancer and wrinkles. You want to protect yourself, but you don’t want to look like a beekeeper at the beach. Sound familiar? We at Coolibar have a few simple tips on incorporating sun protection into your beach wardrobe. It’s easy and you get to keep your bikini! By adding key beach accessories to your broad-spectrum sunscreen and sunglasses you’ll be ready for a worry-free day at the beach. Wide brimmed hats offer excellent sun protection Add a Wide Brimmed Hat Big hats are hot this season! Not only do they look good, they provide excellent sun protection. Wide brim hats, with 3” brims or greater shade your face, ears and neck and the enormous 8” brim beach hats even protect your chest and shoulders. Not to mention they keep you cooler since you’re not exposed to as much direct sunlight. Cover-ups are a versatile sun protection accessorie.Add a UPF50+ Cover-Up Sun protective cover-ups, tunics and sarongs are essential sun protection accessories and can block up to 98% UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. In fact, CNN reported that sun-blocking styles are A Healthy New Fashion Trend. The beauty of the cover up is its versatility. Cover-ups offer shoulder, chest, back and arm UV protection depending on the design. You can wear it or take it off according to the amount of sun you’re exposed to. You’ll only need to apply and re-apply sunscreen to the exposed areas of your skin. These tools are your best defense against sun’s rays. So, grab your hat, sun tunic, broad-spectrum sunscreen and sunglasses for your next beach adventure. You’ll look great and your skin will thank you for it! Shop Coolibar hats and cover-ups.

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