School Sun Hat Program (Video)

School Sun Hat Program (Video)
Dermatologist Dr. Jaime DavisUptown DermatologyMinneapolis, MNHi, this is Dr. Davis for Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing. I want to talk to you today about an issue that is near and dear to my heart, and that is Coolibar’s School Sun Hat Program. My daughter’s pre-school qualified for this program and they were outfitted with a bunch of adorable little pre-school sized hats so that when they go outside to play at recess they have their sun protection covered. A lot of schools consider sunscreen creams as medication and they don’t necessarily have the freedom to apply sunscreen to your child. So, having a school that provides hats to your child will ensure their sun protection when they’re outside. There are some super cute options. Child Reversible Bucket Hat This little reversible lightweight sun hat, that is also adjustable, keeps them cool, keeps them protected. I’d still have them wear their sun protective clothing for their little arms but this will provide adequate protection for their ears and face and actually does help keep them cool when they are running around at recess. Child Chin Strap Hat Another example in a little bit of a different fabric is also adjustable. This one has a nice little chin strap too, so maybe if you’re out on the boat with the kids for example. It also has a nice little absorbent headband. So teaching kids to be SunAWARE at a young age is the point of this School Sun Hat Program that Coolibar puts on. I highly recommend it, make sure your child’s school applies for the program. Help teach your kid to be SunAWARE at a young age, the value lasts a lifetime!

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