Mobile Apps We Can’t Live Without

Are you on the hunt for the best apps for your mobile device? We asked Coolibar’s employees what apps they can’t live without, and here is what they shared. These apps can help you keep your body and mind healthy with a little bit of fun and organization. We love MyFitnessPal to help track your daily calorie intake and exercise. It has one of the largest food databases, which is especially important if you like to eat out. You can look up restaurant menu items in advance to find those that fit your goals and enable you to stay on track. MyFitness Pal is simple to use and connects with other devices. You can also follow your friends to help keep you accountable. It’s completely free and available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends and family, try playing Heads Up! by Ellen Degeneres. Much like the game charades, the app has multiple categories to choose from, such as superstars, animals gone wild, and accents and impressions. This may be the best 99 cents you spend on an app. After each round you can watch the hilarity of your impressions on video from your iPhone or Anroid. Take time to meditate each day with Omvana. Meditation can increase happiness, improve sleep habits, decrease stress, and help you to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Omvana offers a variety of meditations ranging from three to 60 minutes, and it includes a music mixer so you can customize your practice. It also connects with the HealthKit app to help you stay calm throughout the day. Omvana will recommend mediations based on your stress level and state of mind. It’s free, but only available for iOS. In addition to wearing Coolibar, one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun is the Sunscreen Re-applying Reminder App. Whether you work outdoors, are at the beach, or enjoying a day at the pool, it’s important to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day. This app will help remind you when to reapply sunscreen for free! It’s available for both iOS and Android. Think you know your trivia? Think again with Trivia Crack. Spin Willy the Wheel and challenge your friends in six different categories – science, entertainment, art, geography, sports, and history. Whoever wins all six categories first, wins the game. It’s free and available for iOS and Android. Stay organized this year with Todoist by carrying your to-do list with you everywhere! It works on 13 platforms including iOS and Android, and syncs across all your devices so you never lose sight of your tasks. Download the app for free to try it out and upgrade to premium once you’re ready to take your productivity to the next level. Whether you walk for fitness, run, jog or hike, Runkeeper is a great way to track your workouts and your routes, and get the motivation you need to hit your fitness goals. The app has more than 30 million people around the world using it to power their active lives, and it uses GPS technology in your device to track your fitness activity. The app syncs with MyFitnessPal, FitBit, LoseIt and more, and you can also link with friends through Facebook and Twitter. If you’re feeling nostalgic, download Timehop. It syncs with your phone’s camera roll, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, and Flickr to highlight moments of your life. It’s like celebrating #TBT everyday. Once you view one of your Timehop’s you’ll be addicted. It’s free and available for iOS and Android. We want to see you in your Coolibar of the past, present and future. Let us know if you have any apps you can’t live without. Share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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