Motivation to stay healthy, fit and active

Motivation to stay healthy, fit and active
Living in a Northern climate means enduring several months of cold temps waiting for summer to return. My motivation to get active during the summer starts in the winter, while reflecting on past year experiences and making plans for the coming year. This reminds me that every time I go to the fitness center, I am there with a purpose in mind. I know that every rep in the gym is going to help me power through surf in my kayak, climb that long hill on the mountain bike or make it easier to haul a 55-pound backpack up a mountain. All that work in the gym makes the moments that will last a lifetime possible. I experienced the thrill of launching from the shore through breaking surf, poring over the bow of my kayak. I stood 6 feet from a herd of deer while riding my mountain bike, neither of us wanting to give up the trail. I watched the sunrise from 11,000 feet above sea level. I got caught in wicked thunderstorms and sleet storms. I witnessed the absolute silence of the winter woods after a big snowfall. I watched coyotes, eagles, and hawks when they didn’t realize anyone was watching. I waded through waist deep water fully clothed at one time and waist deep snow at another. I felt the pride of accomplishment in reaching my own goals. As a trainer, I am frequently asked how to stay motivated. Many of the people I train are looking for weight loss and they see the gym as the only way to achieve their goals. However, spending all your time in the gym doing the same activities time and time again can lead to boredom. Fortunately, Coolibar's clothing can help you enjoy the outdoors while minimizing the impact of the sun. I encourage people to experiment with different outdoor activities that light up their passion. Think outside the box and consider more than walking or running. Try canoeing, kayaking, geocaching, orienteering, frisbee, golf, road biking, mountain biking or bird watching. The list is endless. John Chase

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