Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
A Coolibar customer letter. 8/17/2010 Dear Coolibar: My new sun shirts for kids arrived today – delighted! I want to express my highest regard and sincere appreciation for your children’s pool wear. I bought your merchandise for the first time two summers ago, one for everybody in the family. My husband thought I was crazy. They were on sale but still not within our penny-pinching budget. It is NOT very like me to charge up a hundred dollars of merchandise that cannot be returned!! Even he and I were dubious about our “his” and “her” swim shirts, but wanted to do right by our skin. Since then, our three children have worn this sun-safe swim wear to countless beaches, to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, to rocky, muddy wooded streams, in the backyard in the blazing sun, to water day at Nursery School and, this the second summer, to our over-chlorinated outdoor pool almost daily. We have put your product to the test two full summers in a row, and I would STILL put these shirts on them next summer if they would fit. Aside from a little pilling on the front, there is little or no sign of wear, no fading or thinning or stretching of the material. I compare their two-year-old shirts with this new merchandise, and you would not believe how little difference there is! Pool friends and consumer mom’s marvel at our Coolibar stuff as their kids’ Lands End or LL Bean or Target swim shirts just disintegrate after the harsh pool chemicals. You have given me such peach of mind that my three babies’ skin is protected. Now, keep those clearance sales coming…I’ll be back in two summers! Jennifer Mechanicsville, VA [caption id="attachment_214" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Coolibar Child Sun Protective Swimwear"]Coolibar Child Sun Protective Swimwear[/caption]

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For more than 20 years, Coolibar (koo-luh-bar) has stopped at nothing to develop the most technical and elegant sun protective clothing, hats and accessories. The world leader in UPF 50+ fabric technology.