Meet lucky school sun hat contest winner Kerri

Meet lucky school sun hat contest winner Kerri
Each year, Coolibar provides hats to five lucky classrooms across the U.S. One of our 2013 contest winners shares her story: Kerri Case is a preschool teacher at Bramlett Elementary in Oxford, Mississippi. Hats will now be worn every day during recess to remind students to practice sun safety. "I heard about the school hat contest from a parent of one of my students," said Ms. Case. "She orders from your website and is very proactive in taking care of her skin." Ms. Case's personal concern of sun exposure has also escalated over the years. "I had a friend who's sister lost her battle with melanoma at the age of 30. She was the first young person that I had known with this disease." Since then, her and her husband had another friend deal with the same battle. "It was an eye opening experience for us," said Ms. Case. "I take measures to apply sunscreen when I will be in the sun -- especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We both see a dermatologist yearly to have a complete skin scan and see if there are any spots that would cause him concern. My sister-in-law lives in Australia, and she mentioned that at her son's school kids are not allowed out to play unless they have a hat or visor to protect them from the sun. Great idea!" Ms. Case and the principal at Bramlett Elementary were thrilled to learn they had won the contest! The hats will be worn during recess to remind the kids to practice sun safety. Ms. Case said, “I know they will be well used in the hot, sunny Mississippi weather that we have here in Oxford!”

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