Six Thumbs Up for the Short Sleeve Fitness Shirt

Six Thumbs Up for the Short Sleeve Fitness Shirt
What does a long-distance runner, kayak instructor and rock climber all have in common besides a passion for fitness? Their love for the Coolibar Short Sleeve Fitness Shirt! Since it's introduction into the Coolibar UPF 50+ clothing line last season, this sweat-wicking, sun-blocking shirt has received more positive feedback than any other dedicated fitness item in the history of Coolibar! Here's what these athletes had to say. Sevve Stember - Rock Climber What are your overall thoughts on the shirt? This shirt is an excellent top layer that wicks moisture away from the body. I’ve used it primarily for rock climbing and trail running. It has performed well in both situations and I wear it with confidence knowing that it is also protecting me from the sun. Favorite features: Moisture wicking, sun protection, bright colors so that it's easy for a camera to pick up or people to see you. I also like the fact that it is so simple. There isn’t any words on the shirt, so its very understated Thoughts on the fabric: I like the fabric. It's definitely a synthetic, but it wicks well and is comfortable enough. Recently, on a trail run, I submerged the shirt in a creek. As we hiked, the shirt dried in about a half hour. It does not hold water very long, but still keeps you cool. It’s a relatively light-weight shirt. What do you want others to know about this shirt? Its an excellent shirt for outdoor activity. If you are in a wilderness setting and you want a bright color so that you are very visible, these shirts work great. If you want a go to shirt for working out in the city, these shirts are great because they wick moisture while providing solid sun protection. What advice do you have for other athletes regarding sun protection? Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun? Getting burned is no fun and it's super dangerous. I always wear a shirt when I am working out in the sun, despite hot temperatures. It's just not worth exposing that much of my body to the sun. Additionally, I always wear something on my head like a baseball hat or a “dew rag.” This helps keep the sun off my body. Gene Meade - Ultra Runner What are you overall thoughts on the shirt? Comfortable! The cut and fit felt really good. I wore the shirt during training runs and a segment of a 24 hour race. What are your favorite features? I love the V-Neck! The shirt did not rub or chafe, even after several hours. The fabric is nice, soft and breathable. Did the fabric meet your expectations? Yes. The 24 hour race had temps in the 80’s, did not feel like the shirt “trapped” any heat. What do you want others to know about this shirt? This is a great shirt to wear for any outdoor activity -- lightweight, comfortable plus sun protective! I was really impressed how the shirt remained comfortable even after several hours of running and sweating in it! What advice do you have for other athletes regarding sun protection? Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun? Don’t assume you are not at risk from the potentially harmful effects of the sun! Be proactive and sunAWARE. Run early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not as strong (it will also be cooler)! Apply sunscreen, wear a hat. Take it to the trails if you can. Usually trails are shaded by trees and will keep you out of direct sun. John Chase - Kayak Instructor What are you overall thoughts on the shirt? As a kayak instructor, tour leader, and pleasure boater, I spend hours in the sun. Add reflection from the water and you have some pretty powerful rays hitting you. The Fitness Shirt is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have ever worn. The fabric is soft and it fits just right. It’s just loose enough to not bind but not so loose to flap in the wind. Best of all, it looks great and I get compliments both on and off the water. There aren’t too many pieces that look equally as good in the kayak and at a restaurant with my family. What are your favorite features? Feel of the fabric; v-style neck; close, but not too close fit What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? It’s very soft, yet it can handle the demands of hard activity. It moves with your body and doesn’t rub. Shop Coolibar Fitness Shirt Coolibar athletes received free product for the purpose of this review.

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