Spend a Day with Allyson in Customer Service

Spend a Day with Allyson in Customer Service
It’s 7:30 am and right off the bat the phones are ringing off the hook! Excellent, I say, that’s why we’re here and why we rose with the sun and the birds this morning! Minutes before, we Customer Service Representatives – CS Reps for short - have already greeted each other, made coffee and we’re ready for our primary focus, our customers. The day whisks by pretty fast. When were not on the phones, we’re answering emails, helping a customer in our retail storefront, processing hundreds of web orders, learning about new product styles and colors hot off the presses, and maybe taking a snippet minute to hear more about a fellow CS person’s day yesterday. Our CS Reps help each other out too, if there is a customer question that occasionally stumps us temporarily – ahem, key words, “occasionally “ and “temporarily”! We really are a happy bunch here and genuinely like each other. (SEE PICTURES) I think that translates to our interactions with our customers. Happy Customer Service Representatives translate to pleasant customer service representatives that are ready to assist customers. We all jot down “notes to self!” so we are sure to follow up for customers on various changes to orders and questions that came in over night or that we want to look into further and get back to them in a timely manner. Taken care of - check! I have an important little sign next to my phone, “Customers Really Are Everything” which of course creates an interesting acronym, “CARE”. Am I corny? Some of the most wonderful intangible things in life are “corny”, right?! This sign is one decoration among many we all have at our desks – a fluffy flower, an “I like you “ pin, inspiring quotes, cool doodles, family photos, etc… The other day I asked some colleagues what were some of their favorite things about working in Coolibar’s Customer Service. Answers from all: heartfelt stories and thank yous from customers about how our clothing has made it possible to “play” out in the sun w/out the nasty UVA and UVB rays sneaking through their clothing. And bonus- they appreciate looking good in the clothing too-it has style! It’s also good to know that young parents are definitely being “sun-smart from the start” for their children these days. As one parent put it after discovering our sun protective swim shirts and shorts, “Wow, what a relief, my kid won’t fry at camp if the counselors forget to put sunscreen on them every 2 hours.” A real wow factor for our customers and for me was discovering that we stay cooler having our skin covered with the sun protective clothing than if our skin was bare and exposed, (healthier too of course!). Pleasure to work at a company that operates with integrity and respect in their daily business - for our bread and butter customers, our internal customers (staff) and in our sun–protective products. At the end of the day, the ideal scenario is all emails are answered, “notes to self” are checked off and cleared from desk and all of our customers have had positive experience with Coolibar Customer Service. Allyson Coolibar Customer Service [caption id="attachment_3006" align="alignleft" width="526" caption="The Coolibar Customer Service Team (There are many more!)"]Coolibar Customer Service Team[/caption]

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