Sun Protective Clothing (Video)

Sun Protective Clothing (Video)
Dermatologist Dr. Jaime Davis
Uptown Dermatology
Minneapolis, MN
Hi, this is Dr. Davis for Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing. I wanted to talk to you today specifically about sun protective clothing and why we need it. While we love our sunscreen and advise putting sunscreen on the face, V of the neck, back of the hands, the best sun protection actually comes from sun protective clothing. The fact is, it’s hard to use enough sunscreen and remember to re-apply it. But if you put on a nice piece of sun protective clothing, you have the relief of not having to remember to do those things - especially for the kids who are going to be out and about and playing. Simply putting a t-shirt on them and letting them run around in the water is not enough sun protection. That t-shirt loses its sun protective factor the minute it gets wet. It goes down from maybe a 5-7 to about a 2 and that’s not enough sun protection for a kid. I’m going to show you some interesting alternatives. Coolibar makes a fantastic material that is UPF 50, nice light woven material, tightly woven so the sun does not get through it. It’s like a fine silk really and it’s a synthetic fabric that washes up beautifully, I know, but it feels super lightweight and is very breathable and is constructed so that there is airflow through the back. So, you don’t overheat in these, even though you’re wearing long sleeves there is beautiful ventilation. And actually, keeping the Ultra violet light off your skin keeps you cooler. Ironically wearing a sun protective shirt will keep you cooler. Some nice clothing for kids this fabric has Zinc Oxide, a physical sunscreen that we reviewed in another segment, embedded in here. This keeps you nice and sun protected and even if it gets wet it does not lose its sun protective factor. And some super cute stuff for kids, this long sleeve, you just don’t have to worry about getting the kids sunburned. Keep the hat on everybody, a nice pair of sunglasses and you’ve got it covered. Stay SunAWARE, Wear Sun Protective Clothing and Be Safe!
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