Taking Beauty on the Road

Taking Beauty on the Road
First food, then fashion, now skin care. “Beth’s Beauty Bus” is a mobile skin care boutique with cosmetics, skin care, hair products and personal consultation from esthetician founder Beth Ross, who preaches the importance of sun protection (that's why she carries our line). We love this concept and wanted to learn more. Beth graciously agreed to share her story. Why did you start Beth’s Beauty Bus? As a practicing Esthetician, I know the best route to great, glowing skin is to have a great home routine with the correct skincare products. By creating the first-ever retail mobile beauty bus, I can see more customers in different parts of LA versus a brick and mortar shop. Most of all what is truly satisfying is seeing how happy people are with the results. How long have you been doing it? Beth’s Beauty Bus got rolling in October 2013. [caption id="attachment_11652" align="alignright" width="150"] Beth Ross, founder of Beth's Beauty Bus[/caption] Are there certain groups or areas that request your presence? My age group ranges from teens to baby boomers because every age has skincare issues. My physical bus stops: ALL of Los Angeles. What are customers most interested in? Without a doubt, it’s “Anti-Aging”. And every woman wants to get the “dew” touch look which is why hydration is so critical to the home regime Are visitors aware of the importance of sun protection? Do they know about sun protective clothing? Unfortunately, no. People are surprised when I tell them about Coolibar. Do you have a busy time of year? It is busy all year long due to our climate and everyone is trying to either get younger or stay younger! Do you have any quick tips for skin care? Remember every ripple makes a wave, it is the combination of doing a lot of simple habits that make the recipe for beautiful skin work. Here are a few basics; 1. Change your pillow case. This is a game changer. Shampoo, hair spray, oil and dirt from our hair travels to the pillow case. At night, while we change sleeping positions, our face rolls around and marinates with these products and environmental debris. Here is the pillow case recipe: On Sunday, put a fresh pillow case on. Then Monday, reverse the pillow case out. Tuesday, do a fresh new pillow case. Wednesday is the reverse day. And so on throughout the week. 2. Dedicate one towel for hand washing and another one for the face. I would change both daily if possible. 3. Wash your hands BEFORE you wash your face. The correct amount of time to wash your hands is the length of the song “Happy Birthday to You”. Wash the tops of the hands, inside the fingers, nails and wrist area. Most people wash the inside portion of the hands. 4. Turn the faucet off with a paper towel. Remember you turned the faucet on with dirty hands. Anything else you want to share with our readers? Once a week, apply a mask. Everyone’s first response is; “I don’t have time”. I suggest applying the mask on Sunday while you do the laundry. We have a client who now keeps her jar of mask in the laundry room. She told me, “It’s next to the soap that way I do it”. Smart gal! If you are in the LA area, look for Beth’s Beauty Bus. Check out the recent coverage on KTLA.

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