The Sunny Side of UV, Solar Powered Vehicles

The Sunny Side of UV, Solar Powered Vehicles
After two years of student collaboration, the University of Michigan Solar Team is off to Australia to compete in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the largest solar electric vehicle event in the world. Forty-three teams from across the globe will race approximately 1864 miles from Darwin to Adelaide almost solely relying on the power of the sun. The U of M Solar Car Team is a student-run organization that designs and builds solar electric vehicles, taking about two years to do so. The Solar Team, comprised of 20 students, will now take the next month to rigorously test their car Generation 2013, adjusting to the energy of the Australian sun. Then October 6 – 13, their commitment and technology will be tested as they race their car across the continent. U of M Student and Project Manager Eric Hausman is traveling with the team across the globe to ensure the team adapts to the environment. “We are constantly in the sun, or at least hopefully or the car won't be doing so great!” said Hausman. “But we also want to protect our team members from the sun.” Hausman contacted Coolibar sun protective clothing after receiving a UPF shirt for Christmas and testing it out. Coolibar sent the team UPF 50+ sun protective caps for their days of testing in the harsh Australian outback. Sun protection is important everywhere, but even more essential in Australia where skin cancer is considered an epidemic. “The Solar Team loves [the hats] and they will provide great protection in Australia,” said Hausman. [caption id="attachment_10617" align="alignleft" width="553"]University of Michigan Solar Team in Coolibar Hats University of Michigan Solar Team in Coolibar Hats[/caption] Coolibar wishes the best of luck to the University Michigan Solar Car Team. May Generation 2013 out-shine the competition. [caption id="attachment_10621" align="alignleft" width="540"]University of Michigan Solar Car Mock Race University of Michigan Solar Car Mock Race[/caption] Learn more about the U of M Solar Car Team: Learn more about Coolibar Sun Protection You Wear:

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