"Let's Get Gross" During Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Coolibar To Expose The Ugly Truth Behind This Disease

MINNEAPOLIS, April 28, 2017 -- Over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. In fact, in 2017, more than 160,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, with one American dying every hour of every day. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates nearly 9,500 people in the U.S. alone are being diagnosed with skin cancer every day.

Coolibar, the industry leader in UPF sun protective clothing and accessories, puts the dangers of the sun front and center during May's Skin Cancer Awareness month, with a provocative and inclusive campaign to educate and advocate prevention, called "Let's Get Gross." Coolibar, whose mission is to keep the world safe from sun damage, designed the campaign to build community by sharing the ugly truth of survivor stories. "Let's Get Gross" features valiant stories from skin cancer survivors Summer Sanders, TV host, reporter and 1992 Olympic champion, Ian Leonard, FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist, and media notable Judy Cloud, among others. With a purpose of prevention from this potentially fatal form of cancer, Coolibar's campaign shares explicit photos, gripping and reality-based stories and informational facts about skin cancer to encourage annual skin checks, self-protection from UV exposure with UPF 50+ clothing, hats and SPF 30+ sunscreen and by making a difference through knowing and sharing the facts.

"We are humbled by the courage and are in awe of the bravery demonstrated by each survivor who publicly shared their personal skin cancer journey. We salute these selfless warriors for helping us generate awareness in the fight to save lives," said Kendra Reichenau, Coolibar CEO.

Unlike other forms of cancer which form internally, skin cancer can often be caught early. In most cases, there is something visible at the surface of the body in the form of a mole or changing freckle. Early detection is key and many people do not know what to look for. The "Let's Get Gross" campaign invites survivors to share their stories, photos, treatment images and scars, to help bring awareness and education to the forefront. The inclusive, "we're among friends" tone echoes how survivors become aggressive advocates for awareness and boldly tell their stories to guard others from a similar experience.

For Melanoma Monday on May 1, Coolibar will donate 10% of sales on up to $10,000 to the Melanoma Research Foundation. Nearly 90% of melanomas are thought to be caused by exposure to UV light and sunlight. Coolibar is proud to support the MRF in their commitment to advance education, advocacy and research on the deadliest form of cancer.

About Coolibar:
Coolibar is one of the most recommended and tested sun protective clothing companies in the United States. Based in Minneapolis, the company was founded in 2001 and makes a range of UPF 50+ swimwear, everyday wear and fitness wear that blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays and is guaranteed for the life of the fabric. Coolibar was the first clothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation. The brand is also recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology and the Melanoma International Foundation. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram