Sun Hats

How to find your perfect sun hat

If you’re new to hats or nervous about buying a hat without trying it on, just read our guide to discover the best styles for your face shape. And remember, any one of our sun-safe hats is better than no hat protecting your scalp, ears, neck and face.

How to find your perfect hat - Square Shape Face How to find your perfect hat - Oblong Shape Face How to find your perfect hat - Round Shape Face How to find your perfect hat - Heart Shape Face

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  1. 02736-111-1000-1-coolibar-surfs-up-bucket-hat-upf-50 02736-111-1000-1-coolibar-surfs-up-bucket-hat-upf-50
    Boy's Surfs Up Bucket Hat UPF 50+
Looking for a stylish sun hat that will keep you cool and protected from the sun's rays? Look no further! Our women's sun hats are designed to provide UPF 50 sun protection, and feature a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun. Our hats are also adjustable in size, so you can find the perfect fit. Plus, they’re made of lightweight fabric that is breathable and great for windy days. Whether you're spending a long day at the beach or out running errands, our hats will keep you safe from the sun and cool.