Aqua Vesta™ fabric

Aqua Vesta

Our Aqua Vesta™ fabric is soft and silky to the touch with an elegant, liquid-like drape. This lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch UPF 50+ fabric is quick dry, making it ideal for lounging poolside, leisure water activities and scenic boating.


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  1. 10171-001-1000-2-coolibar-rio-palazzo-pant-upf-50 10171-001-1000-1-coolibar-rio-palazzo-pant-upf-50
    NEW PRINTS Women's Rio Palazzo Pants UPF 50+
  2. 10063-001-1000-2-coolibar-ruched-swim-jacket-upf-50 10063-001-1000-1-coolibar-ruched-swim-jacket-upf-50
    NEW COLORS Women's Atitlan Ruche Swim Jacket UPF 50+
  3. 10288-900-9000-2-coolibar-baikal-swim-top-upf-50 10288-900-9000-1-coolibar-baikal-swim-top-upf-50
    Women's Baikal Swim Top UPF 50+
  4. 03318-900-1183-LD-coolibar-swim-cover-up-dress-upf-50 03318-900-1183-1-coolibar-seacoast-swim-cover-up-dress-upf-50
    NEW PRINTS Women's Seacoast Swim Cover-Up Dress UPF 50+
  5. 10240-001-1000-2-coolibar-big-wave-swim-skort-upf-50 10240-001-1000-1-coolibar-big-wave-swim-skort-upf-50
    NEW PRINTS Women's Big Wave Swim Skort UPF 50+
  6. 03285-001-1000-1-coolibar-swim-skirt-upf-50 03285-001-1000-1-coolibar-swim-skirt-upf-50
    Women's Baycrest Swim Skirt UPF 50+
  7. 10248-001-1000-1-coolibar-vias-swim-turban-upf-50_1 10248-001-1000-1-coolibar-vias-swim-turban-upf-50_1
    NEW PRINT Women's Vias Swim Turban UPF 50+
  8. 10280-001-1000-2-coolibar-galene-swim-cover-up-dress-upf-50_1 10280-001-1000-1-coolibar-galene-swim-cover-up-dress-upf-50_8
    Women's Galene Swim Cover-Up Dress UPF 50+

Displaying 8 Products

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