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Mens Swimwear


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  1. 07016W-001-1000-1-coolibar-aqua-sun-skully-cap-upf-50_3 07016-111-1000-LD-1-coolibar-aqua-sun-skully-cap-upf-50_2
    Ultimate Coverage
    Men's Aqua Sun Skully Cap UPF 50+
  2. 02521-410-1000-LD2-coolibar-chlorine-resistant-bucket-hat-upf-50 02521-111-1000-1-coolibar-chlorine-resistant-bucket-hat-upf-50_2
    Men's Nate Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  3. 02520-111-1000-2-coolibar-chlorine-resistant-all-sport-hat-upf-50 02520-111-1000-LD-Coolibar-CR-All-Sport-Hat-UPF-50_2
    Men's Hayden Chlorine Resistant All Sport Hat UPF 50+
  4. Men's Biondi Chlorine Resistant Ultra Sport Hat UPF 50+ 02512-111-1000-LD-Coolibar-Kirra-Surf-Hat-UPF-50_2
    Ultimate Coverage
    Men's Biondi Chlorine Resistant Ultra Sport Hat UPF 50+
  5. 03529-001-1000-1-coolibar-high-tide-short-sleeve-swim-shirt-upf-50 03529-111-1000-1-coolibar-swim-shirt-upf-50_5
    Men's Short Sleeve Hightide Swim Shirt UPF 50+
  6. 03530-111-1000-LD-coolibar-long-sleeve-swim-shirt-upf-50 03530-111-1000-1-coolibar-long-sleeve-swim-shirt-upf-50_5
    Men's Long Sleeve Hightide Swim Shirt UPF 50+
  7. 03527-417-1002-1-coolibar-ultimate-rash-guard-upf-50 03527-111-1002-1-coolibar-ultimate-rash-guard-upf-50_5
    Men's Ultimate Rash Guard UPF 50+
  8. 03528-021-1002-1-coolibar-long-sleeve-ultimate-rash-guard-upf-50 03528-111-1002-1-coolibar-long-sleeve-ultimate-rash-guard-upf-50_5
    NEW COLORS Men's Long Sleeve Ultimate Rash Guard UPF 50+
  9. 03545-452-1000-LD-coolibar-zip-rash-guard-upf-50 03545-111-1000-1-coolibar-zip-rash-guard-upf-50_5
    Men's Nocona Zip Rash Guard UPF 50+
  10. 10079-111-1000-2-coolibar-water-jacket-upf-50 10079-111-1000-1-coolibar-water-jacket-upf-50_5
    Men's Menorca Long Sleeve Water Jacket UPF 50+

Displaying 10 Products

Set Descending Direction
Men's Sun Protective Swimwear Our men's sun protective swimwear is made from bright, highly chlorine-resistant fabrics with matching accents. These UV swimwear designs, also called rash guard swim shirts or rash shirts, were originally developed for swimmers on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. They have become the most popular sun protection garments in Australia and block 98% UV (UPF 50+) for maximum UV protection.