What to Wear: Garden Party Attire for Men and Women

What to Wear: Garden Party Attire for Men and Women

The Scenario:

You received an invitation to an outdoor wedding. It’s going to be beautiful, but it’s August in the U.S. and it’s guaranteed to be sunny and hot.

The Challenge:

Find something to wear that won’t cause you to melt before the reception starts or get a sun burn from overexposure!

The Solution:

Sun protective clothing that keeps you fresh and cool in the sun and shields your skin from UV rays! To build your perfect garden party wedding attire, we go back to the simple steps to protect your skin. The same rules apply whether you’re on a hike or watching an outdoor wedding ceremony.

  1. Wear a wide-brimmed hat
  2. Switch out everyday favorites
  3. Add UPF 50+ coverage
  4. Protect over-exposed hands
  5. Use sun blankets for on-the-go

Lighter than Aire™ Fabric for Women

The Aire™ fabric of our Garden Party outfit collection is luxurious, silky soft, feather-light and breathable with a built-in stretch. It was specifically designed to tolerate hot, humid days or long hours under the sun! Here are some of our favorite looks and the UPF 50+ accessories to go with them…

Clara Sun Hat & Calvada Cover-Up Dress Outfit

The beauty of the Calvada Cover-Up Dress is that you can customize the fit to compliment your shape. Wear it open and loose, or add a skinny belt to accentuate your waist, or a thick belt to create shape.

Rhodes Shirt & Isla Convertible Wrap Outfit

This look perfectly satisfies the coastal grandmother trend with a soft and elegant pop of color…

Stella Scarf Detail Hat & Cannes Tunic Dress outfit

Add the Bona UV Mid-Length Gloves to protect your forearms and hands and Pesaro Sun Shawl to drape over your legs in case the sun gets too intense.

Soft, Flowing, Elegant Modur™ Fabric for Women

Vedra V-Neck Tunic Top & Marigot Midi Skirt Outfit

Add the Bodrum Sun Shawl to protect your shoulders until the sun goes down, then provide some warmth when the sun has set!

Technical Fabrics for Men

When dressing men for a garden attire wedding, it’s all about finding the right fabrics in classic styles like the button down or polo. To meet the challenge, we have a few fabrics and styles to choose from…

A Cooler Classic Button Down

Aricia Sun Shirt and Holden Packable Travel Fedora

Typically, you don’t think of a long-sleeve button-down shirt as a warm weather basic, but that is exactly what the Aricia Sun Shirt is. It was designed with strategically placed vents that circulate air into the shoulder and underarm area. With its moisture wicking, lightweight and breathable 3Ddri™ fabric it’s an incredible way to stay cool and protected from the sun.

Add the Holden Packable Travel Fedora to protect the scalp, face and neck.

Vita Button Down Shirt

The technical genius of the Vita Button Down is the fact that it is made with our Active Athlon™ fabric made for our active line. It was designed to work best when the body is especially warm either from the sun or exertion. It’s lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, the perfect attire for a garden party.

Add the Men’s Fairway Golf Hat to provide a little shade and keep the scalp, face and neck sun safe.

Arobello Polo

The Arobello Polo brings a little elegance to the classic men’s style. It’s all about the Active Diamond™ fabric and the jacquard knit construction with a subtle raised pattern that accelerates moisture wicking for fast quick-dry performance.

Add the Galileo Packable Travel Hat to provide sun-safe shade from the top down.

Don’t forget the wedding party!

For the bridesmaids and groomsmen standing out in the sun, recommend that they are gifted accessories to stay sun-safe! They’ll look oh-so-sun-smart and elegant in the wedding photos.

Pesaro Sun Shawl

This is the perfect drape to keep bridesmaids cool and protect them from UV rays.

Peyton Lightweight Fedora

The Peyton Lightweight Fedora is a classic way to add sun-safety at the top! It has a 3” brim to shield the scalp, face and neck, and is made with a paperbraid that maintains its look and shape.

Stay Sun-Safe and Look Elegant in Coolibar at Your Next Garden Party

Garden party formals almost always involve extended periods outdoors, so in addition to ensuring your outfit is appropriate for the occasion, keep your skin protected with Coolibar’s highest-rated UPF 50+ clothing for the whole family. Not all clothing is the same when it comes to sun protection. Use this guide as a resource for your next garden party outfit!


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