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Coolibar Guarantee

Coolibar Guarantee

Guaranteed UPF 50+ for the life of your shirt, pants, dress or...

Tested more than any other brand, endorsed by experts worldwide and recommended by dermatologists, Coolibar industry-leading fabrics block 98% of UVA/UVB rays to provide you with ultimate UPF 50+ protection guaranteed for the life of the garment as set by ASTM/AATCC standards.

It’s vital that all our clothing is UPF 50+ so everyone can live outside safely in the sun. Many UV brands only measure themselves against one standard for UV safety, while we invest in testing all our fabrics multiple times against multiple UPF standards for UV transmittance and safety. UV rays react differently to colors, patterns and fabrics, so we are cautious and use a protocol of testing every fabric we make in every color and pattern we create. And we do this for every season, every collection and every new production run. We use independent, third-party testing to evaluate fabric samples three times over and measure performance against U.S. standards as well as Australian/New Zealand UPF rating standards. That means, when you’re wearing a Coolibar shirt, we can report the testing data to on fabric it was made from.

The “+” means our fabrics are tested at highest possible UPF 50+ standards.

Testing evaluates UV transmittance before and after life cycle tests – laundering, sunlight and chlorinated water. Coolibar’s level of sun protection is measured against all worldwide published rating standards for UPF 50+. We’ll always test our fabrics for UPF 50+ protection like your life depends on it – because it does.