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  1. 10260-129-1000-1-coolibar-gina-sun-hat-upf-50 10260-129-1000-ld-coolibar-gina-sun-hat-upf-50
    Women's Gina Sun Hat UPF 50+
  2. 02308-111-1000-1-coolibar-ribbon-bucket-hat-upf-50 02308-111-1000-LD-coolibar-ribbon-bucket-hat-upf-50
    Women's Audrey Ribbon Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  3. 10187F-410-1000-2-coolibar-caspian-cr-bucket-hat-upf-50 10187F-410-1000-1-coolibar-caspian-cr-bucket-hat-upf-50
    Women's Caspian Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  4. 02308-001-9990-1-coolibar-audrey-ribbon-bucket-hat-upf-50_2 02308-001-1000-LD-coolibar-ribbon-bucket-hat-upf-50
    COMPACT IN A SNAP!™ Audrey Ribbon Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  5. 02377-969-1003-1-coolibar-asymmetrical-clara-sun-hat-upf-50 02377-969-1003-1-coolibar-asymmetrical-clara-sun-hat-upf-50
    Women's Asymmetrical Clara Sun Hat UPF 50+
  6. 02269-129-1000-1-coolibar-marina-sun-hat-upf-50 02269-129-1000-LD-coolibar-marina-sun-hat-upf-50
    Women's Marina Sun Hat UPF 50+
  7. 02556-893-1000-LD-2-coolibar-reversible-bucket-hat-upf-50_2 02556-893-1000-1-coolibar-reversible-bucket-hat-upf-50_2
    NEW COLORS & PRINTS Women's Reversible Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  8. 02380-129-1008-LD-coolibar-gardening-hat-upf-50 02380-129-1008-1-coolibar-gardening-hat-upf-50
    Women's Flora Gardening Hat UPF 50+
  9. 10107-129-1000-2-coolibar-summer-sun-hat-upf-50 10107-129-1000-1-coolibar-summer-sun-hat-upf-50
    Women's Isabella Sun Hat UPF 50+
  10. 02598-968-1000-1-coolibar-matchplay-golf-hat-upf-50 02598-968-1000-LD-coolibar-matchplay-golf-hat-upf-50_2
    Women's Matchplay Golf Hat UPF 50+
  11. 02354-907-1000-1-coolibar-shapeable-sun-catcher-hat-upf-50 02354-907-1000-1-coolibar-shapeable-sun-catcher-hat-upf-50
    Women's Etta Shapeable Sun Catcher Hat UPF 50+
  12. 02254-900-9000-3-coolibar-reversible-pool-hat-upf-50 02254-900-9000-1-coolibar-reversible-pool-hat-upf-50
    Women's Ariel Reversible Pool Hat UPF 50+
  13. 02355-480-1000-LD-coolibar-magnolia-cr-bucket-hat-upf-50_1 02355-480-1000-1-coolibar-chlorine-resistant-bucket-hat-upf-50
    Women's Brighton Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat UPF 50+
  14. Women's Laurel Canyon Cowboy Hat UPF 50+ Women's Laurel Canyon Cowboy Hat UPF 50+
    Women's Laurel Canyon Cowboy Hat UPF 50+

Displaying 14 Products

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UV Protective Floppy Sun Hats for Women A Coolibar floppy sun hats is not just your typical hat. Our floppy hats are made from revolutionary sun-safe fabrics that are rated to block up to 97% of UV rays. Along with ground-breaking fabric, our hats feature up to 7 inches of sweeping brim for effective coverage from the sun. Our floppy sun hats are the perfect accent to any outfit. Protect yourself from the damaging sun while you enjoy a day of shopping, out for a ladies’ lunch at the club, or lounging pool side. Most of our floppy hats roll up small and travel well for your next vacation.