Be Brave: A Week of Gratitude

Be Brave: A Week of Gratitude

As a part of Melanoma Awareness Month, we’d love to hear and share your Coolibar gratitude throughout the month of May! Make sure to tag us on social media for a chance to get featured.

From: Michelle, Coolibar

"I want to thank Susanne Milne for sharing her positivity and hope with us, and everyone around her. Anytime I, or the Melanoma Research Foundation, would reach out to Susanne asking to help raise awareness or support a non-profit, she said yes. Even though she was a fairly private person, she never hesitated to share her story or donate her time in the hopes that she could make a difference."

From: David, A Sun-Safe Dad

"I will be the first to admit that I don't have a great sun-protection routine, but it's getting better. I grew up on the lakes of Minnesota in the 80's and developed an early habit of avoiding sunscreen. That started to change when I had my son.

As a parent, I'd never send my kid out to play or swim without sunscreen or a rash guard. I'm slowing starting to apply the sun-safe habits we use for him to myself as well. We need to take care of ourselves, as parents, too and show the kids how it's done. I'm still not a fan of sunscreen, but I'll happy to suit up in a swim shirt and a hat with my son."

From: Leighann, Coolibar

"I’m so grateful to Coolibar for keeping my friends and I safe, as well as fashionable and carefree in the sun!"

From: Michelle, Coolibar

"I’m incredibly grateful for the awareness that working for Coolibar has brought me. I have family members who have had skin cancer, but I didn't take my skin care seriously until I started sharing the stories of our warriors and learning about skin protection from excellent dermatologists.

In three years at Coolibar, I've gone from applying sunscreen sparingly to carefully scheduling annual skin checks. I owe it all to our warriors and the awareness we've built together."

From: Noureen, A Sun-Safe Mom

“I used to watch parents chase their kids with sunscreen and I’d smile thinking, ‘eh, my kids will be fine. Their dark skin protects them.’ Imagine my chagrin when a friend gently taught me that everyone needs sun protection, no matter the shade of their skin. We learned that protecting our kids (and ourselves!) from long-term sun damage is essential.

Fortunately, discovering Coolibar has helped me keep avoiding sunscreen battles. I love how the swimsuits leave less exposed skin to put sunscreen on! The fact that they’re cute is just icing on the cake!”

Our year-round mission is to protect the world from sun damage. During Melanoma Awareness Month, we show additional support to our community with our ‘Be Brave' campaign! We are determined to change the one in five statistic of people developing skin cancer in their lifetime.

You can help support life-saving research, education and awareness by donating to the Melanoma Research Foundation