A Dermatologist’s Top Picks
for a Sun-Safe Summer

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Sun-Safe Summer

Whether planning a day at the beach, pool, or lake, it’s crucial to pack smartly and ensure you stay comfortable and safe while in the sun. Sometimes seeking shade and reapplying sunscreen multiple times can ruin your day with family and friends. One dermatologist, Dr. Kate Viola, joined FOX 45 in Baltimore to discuss the best ways to protect your skin during summer. 

 “I love this brand Coolibar,” said Viola. “[They] make great sun protective, UPF clothing. These [shirts] are wonderful, kids love wearing them and you don’t have to reapply anything.” 

 In the clip, Dr. Viola references Coolibar’s UPF shirts for adults and children. For those unfamiliar, UPF is the rating system used for apparel, protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Skin Care Tips

Dr. Viola also joined CBS Baltimore to share her tips on how to prep and protect your skin this summer. “It’s sometimes a bit of a pain to be putting on that sunscreen… so I totally recommend and love sun-protective clothing,” said Viola. “You can just throw this {shirt] on very easily and you don’t have to reapply so it’s an excellent way to protect that skin without having to keep reapplying [sunscreen].”

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Ensure Sun Protection

Of course, we at Coolibar, as the industry leader in UPF clothing and the first sun-protective clothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, have a few other recommendations to promote protective skin care.

  1. Wide-Brimmed Hat: A wide-brimmed hat is a stylish way to protect your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun. It’s especially useful during the hottest hours of the day. Coolibar’s collection includes chic and protective hats perfect for sun safety. 
    Here are some top picks:
    • Women's Tempe Sun Hat UPF 50+: This hat features an innate textured pattern and an oversized 4" brim that provides excellent face and neck protection. The chin cord with a natural wooden bead ensures the hat stays secure in windy conditions. With a cotton lining and moisture-wicking internal headband, this hat combines style with long-lasting comfort. Women's 

    • Brittany Beach Hat UPF 50+: This classic floppy beach hat combines fashion with function by providing superior sun protection, even to your shoulders, with an ultra-wide 6" brim cover. It’s travel-friendly and perfect for packing, making it a true must-have for every woman this spring and summer. The fully lined crown and grosgrain sweatband with elastic string ensure adjustable sizing and maximum comfort. 

    • Women's Marina Sun Hat UPF 50+: The Marina Sun Hat offers comfortable, dependable UV protection with a fully lined crown, moisture-wicking internal sweatband, and crushable, packable construction. Its breathable design makes it perfect for everyday leisure and relaxing by the pool, lake, or ocean.

  2. UPF50+ Protective Clothing: Ultraviolet (UV) protection clothing is a smart choice for extended sun exposure. Coolibar offers a range of stylish and effective UV protection garments.
    Here are three great options:  
    • Women's Morada Everyday Long Sleeve T-Shirt UPF 50+: This versatile sun shirt is perfect for any wardrobe. Slightly fitted for a custom feel, it can be dressed up or down, worn solo or layered. Made with ZnO™ fabric, it embeds zinc oxide particles for lasting UV protection. Available in new 2024 colors: Misty Aqua, Vivid Coral, Apricot Crush Floral Paradise, and White/Navy Stripe. 
    • Women's Petra Wide Leg Pants UPF 50+: Experience ultimate comfort and style with these lightweight, silky sun pants. Featuring hidden side seam pockets, a side seam vent, and a mid-calf tie for a harem pant look. Machine washable with UPF 50+ protection. Available in new 2024 colors: Peachy Pink, Misty Aqua, Magnolia Pink, and Apricot Crush. 
    • Women's Hightide Long Sleeve Swim Shirt UPF 50+: Sporty with a feminine touch, this swim shirt offers full coverage for water sports. Chlorine and saltwater resistant, it's perfect for long days near the water. Available in new 2024 colors: Palm Green, Bold Yellow, Red Crush, and Clear Sky Blue Mosaic Garden. 

  3. Cover-Ups and Shawls: These versatile accessories are perfect for strollers, providing shade and protection from the sun. They can also cover your legs, shoulders, or neck for extra coverage. A UV blanket offers significant protection from harmful rays without chemicals. All Coolibar fabric is UPF 50+ and has been tested to block 98% of UVA/UVB rays.
    Here are some top picks:
    • Women's Sanibel Everyday Beach Shawl UPF 50+: This versatile shawl is your perfect travel companion. It can be worn in multiple ways, providing a stylish accent piece over your shoulders, upper body, or head. The ZnO™ fabric is super soft, lightweight, and cool, offering the highest quality zinc oxide protection. Available in new 2024 colors: Vivid Coral, Navy Gulf Stream Stripe, Magnolia Pink, and Baja Blue.
    • Women's Marietas Sun Wrap UPF 50+: Heading to the gallery at the golf club or an outdoor wedding? The Marietas Sun Wrap offers reliable UV coverage in a stylish package. Made with ZnO™ fabric, it embeds tiny particles of zinc oxide into every fiber, providing continuous protection that won't wash out. This wrap is super soft, lightweight, and perfect for travel. Available in new 2024 colors: Peachy Pink, Misty Aqua, and Peachy Pink Etched Flowers.

       Women's Vrae Everyday Fashion Wrap UPF 50+: The Vrae Fashion Wrap is made from sustainable Moduri™ fabric that flows beautifully. It features subtle side buttons that allow you to wear it in multiple ways, offering both style and sun protection. This versatile wrap with full-length sleeves is perfect for any occasion and will quickly become a favorite in your wardrobe. Available in new 2024 colors: Misty Aqua and Peachy Pink Etched Flowers. 

  4. Umbrellas: Not all umbrellas are created equal! A regular beach umbrella or an average rain umbrella is not guaranteed to protect you from the harmful UVA/UVB rays from hitting your skin. UPF50+ umbrellas are designed to keep you protected from up to 98% of UVA/UVB rays that cause aging, and burning and can lead to damage to the skin.
    Here are some top picks:
    • 42 Inch Sodalis Travel Umbrella UPF 50+: This umbrella provides shade and cloudburst coverage on the go! It keeps you cooler on hot days with a high-tech coating for sun protection and water shedding. With a 42" arc, double-canopy design, ergonomic handle with auto-open/close, and corrosion-resistant fiberglass ribs, it collapses to 12” and weighs 0.95 lbs. Available in matte black for complete opacity.
    • Sanya Compact Umbrella UPF 50+: Our widest compact umbrella at 43 inches across, it blocks 98% of UV radiation, keeps you cooler on hot days, and dry in the rain. Features a manual push/pull runner, fiberglass ribs, and durable nylon fabric. Collapses to 10” and weighs 0.65 lbs.
    • 6 Foot Intego Beach Umbrella UPF 50+: Perfect for a day at the shore, this 6-foot umbrella provides superior UV protection and keeps you up to 15 degrees cooler. It features a double-canopy design, lightweight fiberglass ribs, and a heavy-duty aluminum frame with manual tilt adjustment. Fully extended, it stands 7 feet tall and collapses to 45 inches. Weighs 5.4 lbs and includes a carrying case.

Obviously, if you decide to expose any skin  to the sun, it’s highly recommended to use the best type of cream/spray SPF coverage. "Ingredients matter when it comes to these," Dr. Viola said. "Mineral sunscreen, sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or zinc plus titanium is the way to go." She went on to explain that you need to apply the spray-on sunscreen until you "glisten" and to reapply every two hours,  and after swimming or excessive sweating.