Kid's Seaside Hoodie

Kid's Seaside Hoodie
Kid's Seaside Hoodie
Kid's Seaside Hoodie

Kid's Seaside Hoodie

$49.00 USD

Color: Baja Blue

Baja Blue
Magnolia Pink Beach Leaves

Size: XS

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Level 3 - High Coverage

These garments provide significant body coverage but might leave some parts exposed.

Tank tops, shorts, skirts, and bikinis have a high level of coverage

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Coverage Level UPF50+ 98% protection from UVA/UVB rays
Level 3 - High Coverage ⓘ


Introducing our Kids' Seaside Hoodie, designed to provide the sun coverage and lightweight comfort your little ones will (and you!) will love. Crafted from our exclusive ZnO fabric, this hoodie incorporates tiny particles of zinc oxide the very same ingredient found in high-quality sunscreens, effectively blocking UVA and UVB rays with every fiber. What makes it truly exceptional is that these ZnO particles are here to stay, resisting washing or wearing out. Prioritizing both protection and style, our Seaside Hoodie is the perfect choice for ensuring your kids stay shielded from the sun's rays while enjoying the lightweight flexibility of our Seaside Hoodie

  • Attached hood with drawcord provides additional scalp and neck coverage
  • Long sleeves protect vulnerable arm skin
  • Split kangaroo pocket
  • Separating zipper opens from either end to easily sit over hips or hang loose at neck

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